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The Advent Plaza is a location in Bloodborne.


Located at the end of Yahar'gul, Advent Plaza is the name given to the chosen place of birth to The One Reborn.

It is a giant open plaza with archway bridges that connect both sides of the Plaza, which can be accessed by a spiralling staircase in either side that takes players into the balconies.

On said balconies, there are 6 Bell-ringing Women, performing a most unholy ritual to spawn The One Reborn.

At the end of Advent Plaza lies what appears to be a small chapel, with the entirety of the Mensis School dead inside. Micolash's mumified corpse is at the center of it, and with a mere touch, the Hunter will be transported into the Nightmare of Mensis.





  • The Advent Plaza lamp becomes available after defeating The One Reborn.


  • The word "Advent" means "the arrival of someone or something important" or even "the beggining or arrival of something anticipated", however, it can also be used as a synonym to the words "arrival", "emergence", "materialization", or "appearance". All of these are relevant concepts to The One Reborn, but they can also be in reference of the occurrence that took place there due to the projection of the minds into the Nightmare by the School of Mensis.



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