Afflicted Beggar
Bloodborne™ 20150507150839
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human / Beast
Affiliation Beasts
Status Alive
Location Forbidden Woods
Voiced By Peter Pacey
"Oh! Blimey... Don't scare me like that, on a night like this -- I took you for a monster. "
— Afflicted Beggar

The Afflicted Beggar is an NPC in Bloodborne.

The Afflicted Beggar drops a Beast Caryll Rune when killed.


The player would be forgiven for finding this man somewhat suspicious, covered in blood amidst the corpses of what appear to be a small Yharnam family. However, upon interaction he appears to be friendly and non-threatening. He is even fearful that the player may have been "a monster" creeping up behind him and asks if the player may know of a local safe haven., prompting the player to to tell him of Oedon Chapel, Iosefka's Clinic, or withhold information.



As the player approaches the Beggar, he will ask them if they no of any safe place stay during the night of the hunt.

Players can tell of Oedon Chapel, Iosefka's Clinic, or withhold information. They can also attack the Beggar.

The player will receive 2 Pungent Blood Cocktails from the Affliced Beggar should they tell him of either safe haven.

Iosefka's Clinic

If sent to Iosefka's Clinic, he can be found there as a Celestial Minion. Killing him here will grant the player the Beast Rune.

This is arguably the best course of action.

Oedon Chapel

If sent to Oedon Chapel, he will be found casually leaning out by the cart at the base of the stairs leading to the Grand Cathedral. He will thank the player for telling him about such a great place and will reward the player with Beast Blood Pellets.

However, unsurprisingly, by the time you find him in the chapel, the other NPCs within have started to mysteriously go missing, one per boss slaughtered by the Hunter. The Beggar will gift the player more Beast Blood Pellets for each NPC that vanishes. It is reccomended to kill him after he is interacted with when he has killed all other NPCs. Otherwise he will leave. Never to be seen again.

Attacking the Beggar

There's more to the old man than is initially apparent and the player is advised to prepare for a tough battle if he/she is thinking of attacking him. Once attacked, he will undergo a Beast transformation and become an Abhorrent Beast.

Oddly, he appears relatively sane in as a beast, retaining the ability to speak and questioning the morality of the Hunter's actions. He even goes so far as to mock the Hunter's death when victorious.

Due to the nature and difficulty of this fight, as not only it pits players against a very strong boss, but in an area that has terrible amounts of space to maneuver, the following are tips for defeating the Beggar:

  • High Bolt resistant attire is recommended when fighting the Afflicted Beggar, as well as a method of doing Fire damage. Serrated weapons such as the Saw Cleaver or Saw Spear are effective as well, since they grant a 20% increase in damage against beasts.
  • The Afflicted Beggar is highly susceptible to Poison, so Poison Knives are extremely effective at whittling away his health. One knife should be sufficient to poison him.
  • The Afflicted Beggar will rush the Hunter whenever an item is used, often negating Blood Vials.
  • A rather effective strategy is to retreat into the windmill (he cannot fit inside in beast form), throw one knife to poison him, and allow it to bring down his health. Repeat once the poison wears off for a simple kill.



  • If sent to Oedon Chapel, and after all NPC's vanish, he will have a final line of dialogue. By this point it is reccomended to kill him after he is interacted with when he has killed all other NPCs. Otherwise he will leave. Never to be seen again.
  • He drops the Beast (2) Caryll Rune.
  • If the Hunter has already killed Impostor Iosefka and cleared the Clinic, the Afflicted Beggar can still be sent there, and will become a Celestial Minion, despite the fact that False Iosefka is dead, which is rather strange.
  • Using the Choir Bell near him will aggro him.


  • Because the only other Abhorrent Beasts in the game can only be found in Ailing Loran, we could assume that perhaps, the Afflicted Beggar lost his sanity there. And from that we could perhaps hypothethise that the Afflicted Beggar is either Irreverent Izzy, or a follower of his, since the Beast Claw can be found in Ailing Loran, and the Forbidden Woods are filled with Beast Blood Pellets as well as the forbidden hunter tool, Beast Roar. There are just too many connections between the beggar and the Izzy to ignore.
  • At Oedon Chapel, he sits outside because the beast repelling incense wards him off. Still, he is able to trick or lure people out.
  • The Afflicted Beggar dons the Harrowed Hood, which suggests that he once was a Hunter for the Church, and he wears the Madman Leggings, which also suggests that he delved into the Chalice Dungeons and became mad. The Harrowed Hood states:
    "Certain Church hunters obfuscate their identities and slip into the nooks and crannies of the city. This is the garb that allows these harrowed individuals to go unnoticed.
    These hunters are keen to early signs of the scourge, serving as a first line of defense against its outbreak. Or perhaps, when the time is ripe, they find signs of the scourge where there are none. It just goes to show, the corner beggar is not always who he seems.


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