Altar of Despair
Altar of Despair
Status Marked
Connected Areas
After Leads To
Lumenflower Gardens N/A
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Discovery Insight 0

The Altar of Despair is a location in Bloodborne.


Within the Cathedral Ward lies the Grand Cathedral and Oedon Chapel. Through Oedon Chapel one can find the Healing Church Workshop which hides away the upper echelons of the Healing Church, in a mysterious place called, Upper Cathedral Ward, home of the Choir.

However, this home is nothing but a giant gate that locks away the most terrible secret of the Healing Church. For through the Lumenflower Gardens, one reaches deep into the depths of the Grand Cathedral only to find a giant chamber. The crumbled and waterlogged remains of a Chalice Dungeon known as Great Isz.

And there, in the distance, lies Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. Mourning the mouldy corpse of a deceased spider, not unlike Rom, that was crushed by the rubble.

Ebrietas will not attack the Hunter, unless the Hunter attacks her first.





  • It is hinted in the official artwork that the Altar of Despair is the entrance to the land of Isz.