Amygdala's Chamber
Amygdala's Chamber (arena)
Status Marked
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Nightmare Frontier N/A
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Amygdala's Chamber is a location in Bloodborne.


Within the Nightmare Frontier lies a decrepit stone tower, tilted slightly to the right, located within a large open area, where vegetation teems wildly from the cracks of the pave stone floor. The tower itself is rather tall, with rich engravings, and two sets of gargoyles, one depicting hunched creatures with what appears to be multiple eyes strewn across their bodies, and a large carapace on of their backs. The other set of gargoyles are faithful depictions of Amygdalas.

Surrounding it are large walls that can be seen throughout the Nightmare, but curiously enough, there are several stone poles, scattered around, that have metal scultpures mounted on top, held also with chains. These sculptures appear to be amorphous, almost like bubbling clouds, with engraved spirals.

Atop the tower, an Amygdala awaits players to come closer, before ambushing them. The entire area below serves as the battleground between the player and the Amygdala.





  • The lower set of gargoyles on the tower only ever appears in the Upper Cathedral Ward and the Research Hall. It is strange it would appear on the top of this tower.
  • The tower appears to resemble a lighthouse.