Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Cainhurst Vilebloods
Status Undead (immortal)
Location Cainhurst Castle
Voiced By Jenny Funnell
"Share in Our plight, and take oath against the church."
— Queen Annalise

Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods is a character in Bloodborne.


Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods, also known as the undead queen, is the leader, and only remaining member, of the Cainhurst Vilebloods, the others having left or been killed by the Executioners. She can be found at Cainhurst Castle, in the hidden room behind Martyr Logarius' throne (use the Crown of Illusions to gain access).

Joining her covenant will grant you the Respect gesture, an oath rune for Online Play and most importantly, the Cainhurst Badge.

After giving her a single Blood Dreg, she will give you the Deep Respect gesture.



  • The Ring of Betrothal unlocks a marriage proposal dialogue option when speaking to Annalise. However, she rejects the offer.
  • To unlock the dialogue "This chamber was not made for one alone", the player must perform chalice ritual with their own materials.


  • The Blood Dregs you give her resemble sperm cells. This is fitting, as she consumes them with the intent to bear a child.
  • Maybe after years of isolation, she grew tired of the "piteous nights" and that's why she suggest her "chamber was not made for one alone", which results in the hunter misunderstanding that she wants a consort.
  • Arianna's dress is the same kind worn by Cainhurst nobility. It means she has some relation to Annalise.
  • The Queen is apparently immortal, as she can be revived even after Alfred brutally kills her, (using his Wheel to pound her into mush and paste, leaving small clumps of flesh and her head to remain) by taking the Queenly Flesh to the Altar of Despair. However since the Altar is improvised with the remains of what either is a being similar to Rom, or Rom herself, and that the Queenly Flesh is offered to this altar, one can assume that there is an underlying connection between the Great Ones and the Vilebloods. This theory is further bolstered by the connection that Vilebloods have with the Pthumerians, as it is believed they are their descendants.
  • There is a picture of her holding a baby in the dining room.
  • Her character is based on the infamous historical serial killer, Elizabeth Báthory. The most prolific female murderer known to history, she is believed to have killed hundreds of girls. She was also accused of bathing in blood (although this is agreed to be mere sensationalism), and was accused of forcing her servants to be stripped down and left in the cold, leaving them to die of hypothermia (which would explain the snowy location where the Vilebloods reside).
  • She possesses New Dialogue for the player in NG+, if you supported her or killed her.
  • She has a connection to Lady Maria, as she seems to be a distant relative, yet it can be assumed that they might have shared some degree of relationship (since they were indeed related) before the Church attacked the Vilebloods. This seems true as her attire was made specifically in Cainhurst and even wields the Evelyn, a weapon used by the knights of Cainhurst.



Bloodborne Dialogues - Annalise, Vileblood Queen (Ring of Betrothal dialogues missing)04:32

Bloodborne Dialogues - Annalise, Vileblood Queen (Ring of Betrothal dialogues missing)

Bloodborne Dialogues - Annalise, Vileblood Queen (Ring of Betrothal dialogues)00:54

Bloodborne Dialogues - Annalise, Vileblood Queen (Ring of Betrothal dialogues)

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