Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis 2

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
The twisted cross means "metamorphosis".
Rotated anti-clockwise, this rune boosts stamina.

The discovery of blood made their dream of evolution a reality. Metamorphosis, and the excesses and deviation that followed, was only the beginning.


One of the "Metamorphosis" runes. Raises stamina.

  • Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (1): Boosts max stamina +10% - Forbidden Woods, from the elevator that leads to a small body of water, to the right, at the end of the path filled with Celestial Kin
  • Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (2): Boosts max stamina +15% - Lecture Building, given by Patches the Spider when finding the shortcut from the floor above (the ladder that leads down from the Lecture Building 2nd Floor)
  • Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (3): Boosts max stamina +20% - found in a Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice dungeon, (glyph c7ext6i7)


  • One of the most useful runes in-game. Both in Pve and Pvp.
  • It becomes much more powerful if players have high Endurance to begin with and stacking two of them is even better. Great for players who want to be unrelenting in their attacks.


  • It shares a similar symbol as the Clockwise Metamorphosis, the only difference being that the symbol of this version is mirrored.

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