Arianna, Woman of Pleasure
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Neutral
Health -
Level -
Status Alive
Location Cathedral Ward
Voiced By Pooky Quesnel
"Oh, my, what a queer scent... But I'd take it over the stench of blood and beasts any day."
— Arianna, Woman of Pleasure

Arianna, Woman of Pleasure is a character in Bloodborne.

General Information

Arianna can be found on a street with four other NPC's deep within the Cathedral Ward. Her safe haven options can only be unlocked after killing three bosses. If sent to the Oedon Chapel as a safe haven, she can be found sitting to the left of the lantern. She will thank the Hunter for sending her there and offer her blood, in the form of Blood of Arianna, and also teach the gesture "Curtsy".


After killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, she will be in a hunched-over position, apparently suffering from some sort of pain in the abdominal region.

After killing Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, she can be found below Oedon Chapel, in the Tomb of Oedon crypt. She will be sitting in a chair, sobbing, while a Celestial Child lies crying on the ground in front of her. One Third of Umbilical Cord can be obtained by killing the Celestial Child, which also seems to kill Arianna. Arianna's Shoes can be obtained from her corpse.



  • If the player takes 3 blood vial from Arianna, Adella the Nun will kill her out of jealousy not for some sentimental reason but because of the player's preference for the blood of an "impure" woman (aside from being a prostitute, she is a Cainhurst descendant so the use of her blood is something that was once forbidden).
  • To prevent that, remove Arianna's blood from inventory and take Adella's instead. Alternatively killing Adella also works.


  • If the player talks to her while she and Sister Adella are in Oedon Chapel, Adella will stand up and look at the player and Arianna then sit down at the end of the conversation. This may be a sign of suspicion or jealousy of the nun towards Arianna.
  • If she remains alive after defeating Micolash, she will disappear. The floor on the ground will be bloodied, indicating she has gone into labor. It leads the player back to the crypt of Tomb of Oedon.
  • Many facts suggest Arianna is a descendant of the Cainhurst dynasty. These hints are:
    • Her dress is the same kind worn by Cainhurst nobility. It means she can be somehow connected to Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.
    • The description of her blood says "A member of the old Healing Church would know that her blood is similar indeed, to precisely what was once forbidden." The only other kind of blood mentioned in the game to be forbidden by the Healing Church is the one of the Cainhurst clan.
    • She gives birth to a Celestial Child, being this ability something that only happens to those with a special kind of blood, usually nobles like Yharnam, the Pthumerian queen who had a child able to draw the moon close and, thus, the Old Ones.


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