The Black Church Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.

Black Church Set

Black Church Set (male)

Black Church Set (female)

Attire Type
Physical DEF icon 180 Bolt icon 270
VS Blunt icon 180
VS Thrust icon 260 Slow Poison RES icon 146
Blood DEF icon 290 Rapid Poison RES icon 141
Arcane (DEF) icon 280 Frenzy RES icon 20
Fire icon 260 Beasthood icon 198


Set Pieces


  • Mediocre Physical Defenses with moderate Thrust Defense
  • Moderate overall Blood/Arcane/Fire/Bolt Defenses
  • Very High Slow/Rapid Poison Resistance
  • Terrible Frenzy Resistance
  • Decent Beasthood


  • This set has excellent resistances to both Slow Poison and Rapid Poison, the best of the game. Great When traversing the poisonous pools of the Nightmare Frontier.


  • One of the few Attires that have different models for each sex. The Male version is more like one sees in hunter sets, whereas the Female version is more depicting of a nun's dress.
  • The White Church Set is similar but with a white colour overall, and no hat. It is worn by the superior Healing Church doctors, whilst the Black Church Set is worn by more elementary doctors.
  • The Surgical Long Gloves are shared by both the Black Church Set and White Church Set.

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