Black Church Trousers/Dress

Black Church Trousers

Black Church Dress

Attire Type
Legs Attire
Physical DEF icon 50 Bolt icon 60
VS Blunt icon 50
VS Thrust icon 60 Slow Poison RES icon 34
Blood DEF icon 70 Rapid Poison RES icon 33
Arcane (DEF) icon 60 Frenzy RES icon 5
Fire icon 60 Beasthood icon 23
Cathedral Ward corpse

The Black Church Trousers/Dress is legs attire in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Attire of Healing Church hunters.
Most Healing Church hunters are elementary doctors.
Who understand the importance of early prevention of the scourge, achieved by disposing of victims, and even potential victims, before signs of sickness manifest themselves.
Their black attire is synonymous with fear, and that peculiar Yharnam madness.



  • It belongs to the Black Church Set.
  • It is a "gendered" attire, meaning it has a different model for male and female characters.

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