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  • Krimzon Mechanism

    So I was collecting some pictures for the dlc stuff, and I found out that there is an interesting thing about the Nightmare Executioners, not only do they seem to be a variant of the Executioners (the enemy), or that, from their garb, they also seem to be a member of the Executioners (the organization), hence the name. 

    But, what is the most strange is that they also wear the Iron Yahar'gul Helm.

    I have confirmation of this because I actually took a close-up picture of it and it checks out. It is definitely a Yahar'gul Helm.

    Another thing that peaked my interest is the cosmic haze that seems to be within their helms.

    Now, the cosmic haze is essentially an appearance or portal to the cosmos, like the ones that appear when casting an Arcane Hunter…

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  • Krimzon Mechanism

    DLC Lamps

    May 21, 2017 by Krimzon Mechanism

    To anyone who reads this, I would greatly appreciate it if people added a little but more info to the dlc lamp pages I've been creating in the past days. Create any sort of useful notes or trivia for it, add more to the description if you deem it necessary. I also have added a ton of pictures to the galleries of these pages, feel free to add more.

    • Nightmare Church
    • Underground Corpse Pile
    • Nightmare Grand Cathedral
    • Research Hall
    • Lumenwood Garden
    • Astral Clocktower
    • Fishing Hamlet
    • Lighthouse Hut
    • Coast

    Many thanks in advance. :D

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  • Krimzon Mechanism

    So here's the deal, I managed to learn how to crop automatically in photoshop, and as such had great success in creating image files for ALL Attire sets. Including the ones that are female and I will be posting them throughout the days when I have the time. I have uploaded some already.

    I also have created cropped images of the icons that are missing in our pages and will upload those as well. 

    Those icons include:

    -Dlc Key Items

    -Dlc Attires

    -Dlc Hunter Tools

    I have them all already, sadly it takes a while to upload them effectively and I have about 50+ images to upload so I will take a while and get slightly bored of it eventually, but will be contributing it as much as I can.

    If anyone is interested on how I achieved mass cropping please feel f…

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  • Krimzon Mechanism

    I was wondering how many people are still on this wiki. How many people still have been lurking on it and making some changes. I'm asking because I feel like we could unite and decide what changes to do next, what kinds of edits should be made to certain pages etc.

    I say this because there is a lot of missing info, as well as outdated info as well. The Great Ones' page is outdated as hell, we have essentially confirmation of how for instance, Rom is a kin, not a Great One. this is just a small example, and i feel like we should do something about it.

    Another issue I have is with the main page of this wiki. It has a bar below the search bad with "On the wiki"/"items"/"characters"/"gameplay"/"community". But on the Items section it only has th…

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  • JesusFoundations

    Another theory!




    In this piece, I’m going to try and explore the possibility of where all the children are in Bloodborne. It struck me as odd that we meet a grand total of two children in the entire game (both related to Father Gascoigne) and, even then, that’s pretty early on. From then onwards, there are no children anywhere. So… Where are all the kids?



    I’ll begin with information readily available in game and on the wiki.


    The Healing Church was founded after a difference of opinion occurred between two important men – Master Willem (leader of Byrgenwerth) and Laurence. These men found something within the maze of ruins below Yharnam. They found the old blood, something linked to t…

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  • JesusFoundations

    Oedon Theories

    July 28, 2016 by JesusFoundations

    With me having completed DaS3, I thought I'd revisit Bloodborne and have a look into one of the things that's eluded me for ages - Oedon.

    There are three theories I would like to present here, but first, some explanation.

    The Oedon rune’s read “Human or no, the oozing blood is a medium of the highest grade, and the essence of the formless Great One, Oedon. Both Oedon, and his inadvertent worshippers, surreptitiously seek the precious blood”. Inadvertent meaning “not resulting or achieved through deliberate planning”, almost as if his worship is by fluke or accident, and surreptitiously meaning “kept secret”.

    The Moon rune reads “The Great Ones that inhabit the nightmare are sympathetic in spirit, and often answer when called upon”. While not …

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  • Arashiryuu0

    Build Ideas

    April 10, 2016 by Arashiryuu0

    Gender: Female
    Starting Class: Lone Survivor

    Vitality: 50
    Endurance: 17
    Strength: 40
    Skill: 11
    Bloodtinge: 50
    Arcane: 7

    Head: Knight's Wig
    Chest: Harrowed Garb
    Hands: Graveguard Manchettes
    Legs: Decorative Old Hunter Trousers

    Right Hand 1: Boom Hammer
    Right Hand 2: Bloodletter
    Left Hand 1: Evelyn
    Left Hand 2: Hunter's Torch

    Memory Slot 1: Clockwise Metamorphosis (3)
    Memory Slot 2: Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (3)
    Memory Slot 3: Clawmark (3)
    Oath Memory Slot 1: Hunter

    Gender: Female
    Starting Class: Lone Survivor

    Vitality: 50
    Endurance: 17
    Strength: 11
    Skill: 40
    Bloodtinge: 50
    Arcane: 7

    Head: Old Hunter Top Hat
    Chest: Gehrman's Hunter Garb
    Hands: Old Hunter Arm Bands
    Legs: Gascoigne's Trousers

    Right Hand 1: Rakuyo
    Right Hand 2: Chikage
    Left Hand 1: Evelyn
    Left Hand 2: Hunter's Torch

    Memory Slot 1: Clockwise Metam…

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  • March Story

    The One Reborn buffed?

    December 10, 2015 by March Story

    I'm on my third playthrough of the game, except this time I decided to make a new character, so this isn't a NG+. Just recently got stuck on the One Reborn. Did they buff this dude up in some patch? And if so, too much? I have never had a problem with this guy before, I usually fell him rather quickly.

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  • Silverblood Dranglor

    • Cap/Hood: Madman Hood
    • Garb: Harrowed Garb
    • Gloves:  Yahar'gul Black Gloves
    • Trousers/Boots: Yahar'gul Black Trousers

    • Mainhand: Logarius' Wheel
    • Sidearm/Arcane: Executioner's Gloves
    • Offhand: Fist of Gratia

    • Rune 1: Blood Rapture Lvl. 3
    • Rune 2: Moon Lvl. 3
    • Rune 3: Clockwise Metamorphosis Lvl. 3
    • Oath Rune: Radiance

    Kryss is a member of the Sack Hunter sub-group of the Spark Hunters, and is similar in appearance to the Kidnappers. Kryss was a loyal companion to both Torch Hunter Doryn and Paarl the Storm. While their groups rarely got along due to undiscernable differences, Kryss always managed to step in as the mediator. Whenever Kryss hunted, he always carried a large sack with him, as well as a large wheel-like weapon and a wooden plank shield. Kryss' section of Sac…

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  • Silverblood Dranglor

    • Cap/Hood: Bone Ash Mask
    • Garb: Bone Ash Armor
    • Gloves: Bone Ash Gauntlets
    • Trousers/Boots: Bone Ash Leggings

    • Mainhand: Rifle Spear +10
    • Sidearm/Arcane: Flamesprayer +10
    • Offhand: Hunter's Torch +10

    • Rune 1: Fading Lake
    • Rune 2: Beast Lvl. 3
    • Rune 3: Formless Oedon Lvl. 4
    • Oath Rune: Corruption

    Doryn was a close friend of Paarl the Storm back in the day, and he also led a sub-group of Spark Hunters known as the Torchers. His ideals conflicted with those of Sack Hunter Kryss, head of another sub-group of Hunters(Sackers), but they always got along in the end. It was the job of these Torch Hunters to "cleanse" any beastly presense from Yahar'gul before the citizens awoke in the morning. They were known as fearsome Pyromaniacs and most of them wore the Charred Hunter Set …

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  • Silverblood Dranglor

    • Cap/Hood: Black Hooded Iron Helm
    • Garb: Yahar'gul Black Garb
    • Gloves: Yahar'gul Black Gloves
    • Trousers/Boots: Yahar'gul Black Trousers

    • Mainhand: Tonitrus +10
    • Sidearm/Arcane: Repeating Pistol +10; Tiny Tonitrus
    • Offhand: Hunter's Torch +10

    • Rune 1: Heir Lvl. 2
    • Rune 2: Clawmark Lvl. 2
    • Rune 3: Blood Rapture Lvl. 3
    • Oath Rune: Hunter of Hunters

    When the townspeople of Yahar'gul heard of a coming storm, they ran inside, locked their doors and windows, and flinched at the sound of heavy footsteps. The Tonitrus was his weapon of choice, the electricity that surged through it his favoured element. The Beasts would run in fear at the sound of the electricity, unable to handle the frequency at which the Tonitrus crackled. One day, however, Paarl disappeared deep into the wood…

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  • March Story

    As implied by the game itself, when NPCs are sent into Iosefka's Clinic, they are experimented on by the faux Iosefka and changed into Celestial Minions. We are able to conclude that the Celestial Minion located on the lefthand side of the clinic after entering the back is Iosefka, herself, after being experimented on. I say this because the hand matches her skin tone and it, to me, appears feminine in appearance. However, on the righthand side of the clinic, there is a Minion located in the room where the Hunter awakens. I believe this Minion could possibly be the Hunter's blood minister from the beginning of the game. He's never shown again but his voice is credited as Blood Minister (I believe). It would explain his going missing and th…

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  • ThornHowl

    RP Sites Suggestions?

    August 6, 2015 by ThornHowl

    I'm getting back into RP. Do any of you know any good websites?

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  • ThornHowl

    Funny stroy

    August 6, 2015 by ThornHowl

    My friend and I were going through Yharnam and killing the plagued hunters/townsmen on the hunt for sport and blood echoes. We hit about 4,000 something blood echoes then my friend decided to have me pass the controller saying he was going to defeat the Cleric Beast before we went into work. I mentioned that he could use the Beckoning Bell to summon Father G for help slaying the Cleric Beast.

    So as my friend goes up to the Cleric Beast and enters the fight, he tries to summon Father G with the Beckoning Bell. However, Father G never came for back up. My friend was freaking out because the Cleric Beast looked absolutely horrifying, especially with the noises it made. So we were both freaking out about how we had to slay it ourselves. And we…

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  • March Story

    I had a few questions on the game's lore I would hopefully like to spark a discussion about. From what we know, Yharnam is isolated in a valley to the east, and the city is of grandiose design. How did Yharnam aquire the funds to be built to such a scale? There doesn't appear to be any large industrial center within or around the city, so it would imply that someone with a large amount of money came to the valley and founded it there, with the sole intent of leaving it isolated. If its isolation seems to be so absolute, how does rumor of the city's blood transfusions spread? Also considering that travelers seek Yharnam for its mysterious blood transfusions, become hunters, then never return.

    Also, the Bloodborne lore doesn't really speak of…

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  • HugstheMarshmalo
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  • Nick tanico

    Why is that we Gamers love punishing and difficult games? For me it is the sense of accomplishment and the feel of success knowing that I made it by the skin of my teeth and bones. That blood and adrenaline rush as I mow down enemy, after enemy, and somehow came out on top by re-thinking my approach. Strategizing and managing items knowing that in a blink of an eye it could be all gone. A game where it keeps you on the edge of your seats and from almost throwing your controlor acrros the room, until the moment you finally got pass that one level, one boss, and one hord. Only to realize the punishment and torture has yet to beging.

    And I love it.

    So to you, my fellow gamers, why do you like punishing and difficult game?

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  • SinfulSunBro

    The opinions of the dedicated lore researches, tell me how you think the bosses are related and where they fit into the timeline of bloodborne. If you need an example of what I mean check out the comments for shadows of Yharnam, that bosses page needs some serious lore updates.

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  • Drewf0

    Update/Patch information!

    April 23, 2015 by Drewf0

    Hello fellow Hunters! As you continue to seek the Paleblood, From Software is adding new patches/updates in order to make this game better and to make sure nothing gets too powerful or something too weak! Heres the Update List:

    April 23rd a new Patch/Update is available! Here is what has been added/changed/removed!

    Patch/Update 1.03:

    • Reduced loading times (approx. 5-15 seconds; may vary by circumstance)
    • Fixed bug that left certain lifts and elevators inoperable
    • Fixed bug that resulted in bosses becoming immobilized
    • Fixed bug that left players unable to advance NPC events during multi-play
    • When the PS4 is put into Rest Mode during online play, the game will now return to the main title screen upon resuming play
    • This will resolve matchmaking issues …
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  • Nick tanico

    We all know that Bloodborne holds a lot of nightmarish creatures and gothic horrifc area, but which ones stands amongs others. Such as the Dungeon, or the priest, basically I'm asking how you're asses got handed to you, like what happen to me, but admit the challenge is what makes the game awesome :)

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  • Doonglerules

    Check this place out, may have some info you guys need.

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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Good evening dear hunters, Hereticalthoughts here to bring to light a few bits of information that may be interesting regarding the standard ammunition of our trusty firearms, the quicksilver bullets. Keep in mind that the information may or may not really be all that relevant within the world of Bloodborne itself, but I certainly found the potential references intriguing.

    Now, a lot of you likely know that the term quicksilver is something of a nickname or slang term for mercury, a metal most known for it's liquid state at room temperature. Unless it's treated somehow (the simplest method known to myself is to expose it to extreme temperatures) it will remain in liquid form. This leads to the first tidbit, as it's clear that within the Blo…

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  • Nick tanico

    Its is time

    March 25, 2015 by Nick tanico

    with Bloodborn being out it is time to fill this page with about just everything we can in the games, such as walkthrough, boss strategy, loot, how to obtain said loot, secrets, etc. So my fellow bloodborn bretheren give it all you got. I'll add my own mix after I played the game, again, and again, and again, till I fully explore the game..till its DLC comes out.

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  • BlackMist4848

    So after an interview by IGN featuring Mr. Miyazaki, he revealed a couple of stuff (link on my profile) and he has named the Transforming Weapons 'Trick Weapons.' So I was wondering whether we should rename the pages for that purpose, instead of 'Transforming Weapons' the category is 'Trick Weapons.' Just a thought. 

    Oh also, Shields are confirmed. 

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  • AbsentMorn

    Blog Post One

    January 30, 2015 by AbsentMorn

    This is a blog post or whatever. First documentation of my time at the Bloodborne Wiki. The community is small but dedicated to the cause of sharing knowledge about the universe. The Bloodborne universe, not the real universe. Well, they may be very dedicated to that, too... I don't know many of them well enough.

    I only have a few edits, lower than 50, but I hope to contribute more to this wiki and create a great place for the community of Bloodborne to get precise and correct information. This wiki must be relatively new, considering a Manual of Style had not been created yet, but I believe the Administrators know what they are doing. (If any of you are reading this, I'm totally not flattering you in an attempt gain anything later from you,…

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  • Cosmicsilver

    Going Forward

    January 29, 2015 by Cosmicsilver

    Hey everyone!

    I'm glad to see the Wiki is beginning to foster a small community, that's great! I'd like to lay out what I think out plan should be going forward, from now until March 24th.

    For the next 2 months, we should work on making sure our pre-release content is sufficiently filled and informative.

    We should begin a compilation of a Manual of Style for the different pages we'll be seeing, and we can use the Dark Souls Wiki's style of doing things for this. I will gladly admit that we'll be doing a lot of borrowing from that Wiki in terms of how pages will be written and how they'll look.

    Finally, we should lay down the rules we'll need to suit a large community for a long period of time. The Chat Moderator and Moderator positions will be u…

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  • Niramsor117

    How are we going to kill time before we can kill beasts on March 24th? I can't wait!!

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  • Cosmicsilver

    Adoption of the Wiki

    November 21, 2014 by Cosmicsilver

    Hey all. I was just wondering what everyone would think about me adopting the Wiki? I have experience with running Wikis, as I'm a Bureaucrat for the Demon's Souls Wiki and an Admin for the Dark Souls Wiki, and I could do a lot more for this site if I had those abilities. So just to see if everyone is okay with that, I'll be making this discussion.

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