Blood Echoes are a form of currency in Bloodborne.

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In-Game Description

When your character dies, all Blood Echoes are left behind at that location. These Blood Echoes can be reclaimed by traveling to that location, unless they are claimed first by an enemy. In that case, search for the enemy with glimmering blue eyes, and defeat it to reclaim all Blood Echoes.
If your character dies again before reclaiming lost Blood Echoes, those Blood Echoes can never be retrieved.

General Information

Blood Echoes are obtained by killing enemies or consuming blood echo items. The amount of Blood Echoes an enemy drops is determined by the strength of said enemy.  The player starts out with a different amount of Blood Echoes depending on their Origin.



Blood Echoes can be used to purchase items from the Bath Messenger in the Hunter's Dream. They can also be used to level up your character via The Doll.

Echoes can be used to fortify and repair your weapons in the Hunter's Dream as well.

Recovering Blood Echoes

Blood Echoes can be recovered in two ways. The first is by finding the location of your previous death. A blood stain will contain your echoes if there are no nearby enemies to absorb the echoes. Upon death however, enemies can absorb your blood echoes if their spawn location is close enough to your death location. The closest enemy will absorb all your echoes if there are multiple enemies within the range; this is determined without account for height so enemies that spawn below and above you can absorb your echoes. Enemies carrying your echoes are identified by their glowing eyes, which also signifies that they have become stronger by absorbing your blood echoes.

If you die and reload your save, your blood stain (even if an enemy absorbed your Blood Echoes) will be relocated at the Lecture Building just before the library hall outside the lamp room(1st floor).


The following are methods to farm Blood Echoes. They are organized on a hierarchy of difficulty and progression of the game.

Equip Heir and Moon Caryll Runes if the method involves Visceral Attacks. Equip only Moon runes, if not.


  • Blood Echoes dropped increase the more the player ventures into further "New Games".
  • There are only two Caryll Runes that affect Blood Echoes received. The Moon and Heir.


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