Blood Gem Workshop Tool is a Key Item in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne™ 20170512235730


In-Game Description

A misplaced workshop tool from the Hunter's Dream.
The hunter who retrieves this can fortify weapons by kneading blood gems into them.
Blood gems add properties to weapons when used to fortify them, as blood defines an organism.



This tool allows the Hunter to add or remove Blood Gems to and from weapons when used at the Workshop in Hunter's Dream. Note that the weapon in question must be upgraded to at least +1 before Blood Gems can be slotted into it.


  • It is entirely possible to play the game without ever picking up this item. It's not the reccomended course of action, though.
  • This item leaves the player's inventory should a new playthrough begin. Meaning players must reacquire it from its original location.


  • Resembles a hand operated presser. Bloodied, likely from pressing Blood Gems.

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