Blood Gems are a type of item in Bloodborne.


Blood gems are mainly found in Chalice Dungeons.

There are twenty names used to identify any given blood gem:

  1. Adept
  2. Arcane
  3. Beasthunter's
  4. Bloodtinge
  5. Bolt
  6. Cold
  7. Dense
  8. Dirty
  9. Fire
  10. Heavy
  11. Kinhunter's
  12. Murky
  13. Nourishing
  14. Poorman's
  15. Pulsing
  16. Radiant
  17. Sharp
  18. Striking
  19. Tempering
  20. Warm

There are three variations of the blood gems listed above:

  1. Cursed
  2. Odd
  3. Cursed Odd
Note that there are a few unique blood gems related to certain quests.

Rating Icon Rating

  • Blood Gemstones (1) - (3) have a Rating of 1 through 10.
  • Damp Blood Gems (4) - (6) have a Rating of 11 through 19.
  • Abyssal Blood Gems have a Rating of 20.
Type Rating Icon
Blood Gemstones
(1) 1 - 4
(2) 5 - 7
(3) 8 - 10
Damp Blood Gems
(4) 11 - 13
(5) 14 - 16
(6) 17 - 19
Abyssal Blood Gems

Shape Icon Shape

Blood gems exist in five different shapes: Radial, Triangle, Waning, Circle, and Droplet. Each shape offers a different type of enhancement or buff.


In-Game Description

Most radial blood gems have effects that bear upon physical attacks.


In-Game Description

Most triangular blood gems have effects that provide attribute bonuses and extra effects.


In-Game Description

Most waning blood gems provide rare special effects such as fire, bolt, or healing.


In-Game Description

Circular blood gems are normally used to fortify firearms.


In-Game Description

Droplet blood gems are special gems that adapt to various weapons and shapes.

In general, Pthumeru and Hintertomb Chalice Dungeons provide Radial shapes, Loran Chalice Dungeons provide Waning shapes, and Isz Chalice Dungeons provide Triangular shapes.


Imprints are blood gem slots found in most weapons. There are four types of Imprints, directly related to the blood gem shape that will fit in it: Radial, Triangle, Waning, and Circle. Note that Droplet shaped blood gems will fit in any type of Imprint slot.

All Right Hand Weapons include three imprint slots, which can include any combination of Radial, Triangle, or Waning Imprints. All Left Hand firearms include one Circle Imprint slot.

Blood Gems

Cursed Blood Gems

Odd Blood Gems

Cursed Odd Blood Gems

Other Blood Gems

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