Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem

Blood Gems are a type of item in Bloodborne.


Blood gems are a special item that can be imprinted on an upgraded weapon, in order to boost its damage, its scaling or its effects further.

Blood Gems can be swapped at any time and promote experimentation of different Blood Gem setups in a players' arsenal in order to figure out what works best in their particular playstyles.


Though there are some Blood Gems laying in the land of Yharnam and some enemies can even drop them, they are almost exclusive drops to enemies, bosses, and chests found in Chalice Dungeons.

Shape Icon Shapes and Imprints

Blood gems exist in five different shapes: Radial, Triangle, Waning, Circle, and Droplet. Each shape offers a different type of enhancement or buff, which is then imprinted on a weapon's corresponding Imprints.

Imprints are blood gem slots found in most weapons. There are four types of Imprints, directly related to the blood gem shape that will fit in it: Radial, Triangle, Waning, and Circle. Note that Droplet shaped blood gems will fit in any type of Imprint slot.

All Right Hand Weapons include three imprint slots, which can include any combination of Radial, Triangle, or Waning Imprints. All Left Hand firearms include one Circle Imprint slot.


Tempering Damp Blood Gem 5 Radial

In-Game Description

Most radial blood gems have effects that bear upon physical attacks.
  • Radial gems are doubtlessly the most important shape that players can acquire, this stems from the fact all Trick Weapons have two radial slots in every regular variant of any given weapon, which makes radial imprints two thirds of all existing imprints.
    • Because of this, the best kind of Radials will be the ones that boost damage, usually Physical.
  • Radial gems appear to crystallize from a core and then branch in multiple straight lines, which themselves branch off once more to form a circle, halfway at a specific distance.
  • In Chalice Dungeons of Pthumeru, all bosses will drop Radial Gems.


Tempering Damp Blood Gem 6 Triangle

In-Game Description

Most triangular blood gems have effects that provide attribute bonuses and extra effects.
  • As stated by the description, they boost mostly attribute.
  • In Chalice Dungeons of Isz, all bosses will drop Triangle Gems.


Tempering Damp Blood Gem 5 Waning

In-Game Description

Most waning blood gems provide rare special effects such as fire, bolt, or healing.
  • As stated by the description, they provide fire and bolt damag, as well as healing.
  • In Chalice Dungeons of Loran, all bosses will drop Waning Gems.



In-Game Description

Circular blood gems are normally used to fortify firearms.
  • Essentially used for firearms, except the "Lost" variants of the Chikage and Simon's Bowblade.
  • Similar to Radial gems, but inverted, it is as if the crystal grew as a circle and then branched into the center.
  • Gems of this shape are nearly always related to the Bloodtinge stat, which by no mere coincidence, governs the damage and efficiency of Firearms.
    • Due to the fact that so many little weapons will ever be able to use them, only the two mentioned above, they make for curious yet useless Out Of Shape gems.
  • They will drop from enemies that have a heavy relation with blood, such as Bloodlickers.


Tempering Damp Blood Gem 5 Droplet

In-Game Description

Droplet blood gems are special gems that adapt to various weapons and shapes.
  • Essentially a category of their own, they will fit in every imprint slot.
  • Their appearance resembles that of what can only be described as "viscous crystal".
  • Can only drop from Winter Lanterns or from chests that are exclusive to the maingame.
    • These gems cannot be found in Chalice Dungeons.
    • These gems can never drop as out of shape, meaning enemies that would drop any other shape of blood gems cannot drop their usual blood gem in a droplet shape.

Rating Icon Blood Gem Rating

Blood Gem Rating determines the rarity and quality of a blood gem, and provides a means of visual comparison between Blood Gems of the same kind.

For every increased Tier, Blood Gems will become increasingly larger, more vivid and with a much deeper color. Abyssal Blood Gems however, have no tier as they are essentially a tier of its own, and take up a deep black hue, rather than its usual color.

  • Blood Gemstones (1) - (3) have a Rating of 1 through 10.
    • They are very small and have a bright and faded color.
  • Damp Blood Gems (4) - (6) have a Rating of 11 through 19.
    • They are larger and more intricate while also appearing to ever increasingly drip with blood.
  • Abyssal Blood Gems have a Rating of 20.
    • They acquire an extremely dark hue having only a slightly shimmering colored glow to them.
Tier Rating Icon
Blood Gemstones
(1) 1 - 4
(2) 5 - 7
(3) 8 - 10
Damp Blood Gems
(4) 11 - 13
(5) 14 - 16
(6) 17 - 19
Abyssal Blood Gems
- 20

Blood Gem Types


Prefixes are words that come before the actual name of the Blood Gem and which will change how it works.

  • Cursed- Has multiple effects, but also negative effects, higher tiers of Cursed Blood Gems have both more and better effects, at the same is true for the negative effects.
    • List of negative effects:
      • Stamina cost Up.
      • ATK vs Beast Down.
      • ATK vs Kin Down.
      • Weapon Durability Down.
      • ATK Down.
      • HP depletes gradually.
  • Odd - Adds flat damage to a certain damage type.
    • Add physical ATK +X.
    • Add blood ATK +X.
    • Add Arcane ATK +X.
    • Add Fire ATK +X.
    • Add Bolt ATK +X.
  • Cursed Odd - Has both characteristics of the above prefixes.

Primary Effects

The following is a synthetised list of the names used to identify any given type blood gem:

Physical Damage Boost

  • Tempering - Adds Physical Attack UP (which includes Blunt and Thrust).
  • Adept - Adds either Blunt or Thrust Attack Up (never both).

Elemental Damage Boost

  • Arcane - Arcane ATK UP +X.
  • Bolt - Bolt ATK UP +X.
  • Fire - Fire ATK UP +X.

All Damage Boost

  • Nourishing - ATK UP +X.
  • Striking - Charge ATK UP +X.
  • Finestrike - ATK vs open foes UP +X.
  • Fool's - Physical ATK UP/ ATK UP +X at full HP.
  • Poorman's - Physical ATK UP/ ATK UP +X near death.

Scaling Boost

Special Damage

  • Beasthunter's - Adds bonus damage against Beasts.
  • Kinhunter's - Adds bonus damage against the Kin.
  • Dirty - Adds Rapid Poison Effect.
  • Murky - Adds Slow Poison Effect.

Special Effects

  • Pulsing - Add HP regeneration per second.
  • Radiant - Reduces Stamina cost.

Secondary Effects

The following is a list of effects that can never be a primary effect, and therefore never have a name of its own.

  • Dense-
  • Fatal-

Unique Blood Gems


  • In general, Pthumeru and Hintertomb Chalice Dungeons provide Radial shapes, Loran Chalice Dungeons provide Waning shapes, and Isz Chalice Dungeons provide Triangular shapes.
  • Not to be confused with "Rating", a "Tier" of a blood gem is represented by the number in front of its name.
    • For every Tier, a Blood Gem will change its icon.


  • In Dark Souls 3, there is a Blood Gem, which is used to infuse weapons with a Bleed effect. In lore though, they are slurped by Irythill slaves.


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