Bloodborne™ 20150518182558
Affiliation Beast
Locations Forsaken Cainhurst Castle,
Chalice Dungeons,
Hunter's Nightmare
Drops Bloodtinge Gemstone
405 or 1362
Blood Echoes
211 or 2310
Physical DEF icon - Bolt icon -
VS Blunt icon - Fire icon -
VS Thrust icon - Slow Poison RES icon -
Blood DEF icon - Rapid Poison RES icon -
Arcane (DEF) icon -

A Bloodlicker is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Bloodlickers are large, flea-like creatures that reside in Forsaken Castle Cainhurst, the Hunter's Nightmare, and in Chalice Dungeons. They have large, swollen stomach pouches, seemingly filled with blood. The size of this can vary from being extremely large and rendering them unable to move, or be relatively small. The ones with massive, swollen stomachs are unable to be staggered from behind, although they are unable to react to any attack from the rear. They also have an extremely large tongue that they use to attack the player, and what appears to be hair hanging from their heads. When killed, their stomachs explode. The blood splatter can range anywhere from several feet in diameter to several meters, depending on the size of the stomach.



Within Cainhurst Castle and the Chalice Dungeons, Bloodlickers are very agile, and have attacks that can hit you from nearly every direction, except for their sides. They are resistant to most kinds of physical damage, except for thrust. Also, they are very weak to bolt and fire. So a player can make short work of one if attacking on its sides, with thrust damage, along with bolt or fire paper.

In the Old Hunters DLC, the Bloodlickers are all engorged in blood and as such are far more forgiving than the ones within Cainhurst. Though most players can run past them since they are far more reluctant to chase them, as they'd rather feast in the river of blood, it is advised caution as despite the fact that these Bloodlickers do not jump at the player, they will spit an incessant, poisonous barrage of blood at great distances. These Bloodlickers are often found in groups, and as such players will often find themselves being poisoned if they are not careful.


  • Bloodlickers will appear in Chalice Dungeons whenever players kill an enemy with a visceral attack. Upon returning to the area where the enemy was killed, a Bloodlicker will be found feeding on the remains. You can get a hint of its presence from an adjacent room by paying attention to the slurping sounds it makes.
  • A Bloodlicker with a huge, swollen stomach can be found in Cainhurst Castle. The stomach of the creature is too big for it to effectively move. Even under attack, the best it could do is slowly pivot itself away from the Hunter. Killing it creates a massive blood fountain, that can easily drench the Hunter, head to toe.
  • The Bloodlickers found within the Hunter's Nightmare are great for farming Circle Gems (gems specific for firearms, that boost Bloodtinge), as they are fairly high in rating.


  • Whenever the Bloodlickers die, their stomachs erupt in an torrent of blood that stains the player more than any other source in the game. Killing a few Bloodlickers while standing near their bodies as they explode will cause the player to be completely coated in blood, along with any weapons carried in the player's hands.


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