Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Vilebloods
Health 99
Level 594
Status Alive
Location Grand Cathedral
Voiced By  

The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst is a Hostile Hunter in Bloodborne.


The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst is a Vileblood Hunter who kills other hunters, making him a target of Eileen the Crow. Unfortunately, he proves too much for Eileen in her old age as she can be found laying horribly injured at the top of the steps to the Grand Cathedral.

A formidable foe, he makes full use of the Chikage's transformed state and liberal use of the Old Hunter Bone, as well as his devastatingly powerful Repeating Pistol. He is able to heal himself twice, typically when he has dropped below 50% health.

Drops the best version of the Blood Rapture Caryll Rune once killed.




This is by far one of the most unforgiving Hunter NPCs any player can encounter in the game, as such, he must be dealt with patience and extreme care.

The most important factors to understand regarding this Hunter is that he is a character that focuses on a Bloodtinge/Skill build capable of dealing massive damage with a single shot of his Repeating Pistol, while also using the Chikage with extreme deadliness. Not even armors that boost Bloodtinge resistances will be of much help, but are still probably worth considering to use during the fight, as it will make enough difference that can mean life and death, as such, equipping the full Cainhurst Set is most important for this fight.

Since the Bloody Crow has an extremely large health pool, players should try to whittle him down little by little, chipping away at his health with quick and powerful attacks, however, weapons with either quick horizontal slices, long reach and/or thrust attacks are recommended, this is due to the fact that the Bloody Crow dodges incessantly, with the benefits of the Old Hunter Bone, and as such it is much harder to read when he will fire his Repeating Pistol. Players will need to pay close attention as they will have fractions of a second to tell whether he will fire his gun or attack with his sword.

A more defensive and cautious approach is recommended as the Bloody Crow may parry the player if too spam-happy. If the Bloody Crow parries the player, and manages to perform a Visceral Attack, there is no way the player will survive, as the sheer damage from the Repeating Pistol itself will take too much health from players.

As such, the fastest and safest way to defeat the Bloody Crow is by going for parries since he tries to combo attack when players get too close. Equipping all Clawmark Runes will net great damage and the fight can be potentially over within a couple of visceral attacks. Players must keep their head cool and not rush into things.

Another strategy is to lure him to the bottom of the stairs, and poison him. If he is lured to the bottom of the stairs, he will begin walking back up the stairs. After doing this, hit him with 3 poison knives, which should be enough to poison him. Repeat this strategy until the Crow is dead. Try to get him to use his Blood Vials beforehand as it will help greatly with this strategy since he will not be able to heal himself, and no poison knives will be wasted.


  • He is the only NPC Hunter to use a Old Hunter Bone or Numbing Mist in-game.
  • He is widely considered by the entire Bloodborne community as the "hardest" and most "unforgiving" NPC Hunter in the entire game.
  • The Bloody Crow deals such high amounts of Blood damage, that it would be insane not fight against him with high Blood Defence Attire, such as:
  • Using a Blue Elixir may cause him to approach at a walking pace rather than running, which can provide enough time to fully charge a heavy attack.


  • His title and equipment suggest a connection with Forsaken Cainhurst Castle and its inhabitants. He wears the Crowfeather Garb, suggesting that he either killed Eileen's predecessor or was a Hunter of Hunters himself, but switched sides at some point.
  • He is probably a hunter, as he's a target for Eileen the Crow, a Hunter of Hunters.
  • If Eileen the Crow is aggravated, she will take his place with an insane air about her, claiming that all hunters must die.
  • Although rare, there is a small chance he will use up to two blood vials in the fight. He will use it when his health is around 50/30%.



The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst - Let's Play Hard - Bloodborne NG Part 2824:00

The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst - Let's Play Hard - Bloodborne NG Part 28

The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst on NG+ - Skill Build

Bloody Crow of Cainhurst - Eileen's Questline04:29

Bloody Crow of Cainhurst - Eileen's Questline

Simple & Effective Strategy

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