Bolt Paper
Max No. Held 10
Max Stored 99

Usage Type

QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -

Attribute Bonus
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Attribute Requirement
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Sold by Messengers after obtaining the Spark Hunter Badge.
Rarely dropped by Kidnappers.

Bolt Paper is a consumable item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Coarse paper that applies bolt to weapons when rubbed.
Invented by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church workshop. Artificially recreates the blue sparks that are said to surround darkbeasts.
Unlike the other strange weapons created by Archibald, this one was favored by many hunters. In particular those who had even once laid eyes on a darkbeast.



Use it to buff your right hand weapon with 80 Bolt damage. Excellent for fighting the Kin, or ethereal enemies. Lasts for a minute.



  • This item is the spiritual successor to Dark Souls' Gold Pine Resin.
  • The blue sparks are exactly the same as those that surround the Darkbeasts.
  • It seems likely that Archibald, the creator of this item, resided somewhere in Yahar'gul since the place has so many Bolt Papers scattered around.


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