Brador's Set
Brador's Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 240 Bolt icon 170
VS Blunt icon 270
VS Thrust icon 190 Slow Poison RES icon 77
Blood DEF icon 220 Rapid Poison RES icon 71
Arcane (DEF) icon 170 Frenzy RES icon 56
Fire icon 170 Beasthood icon 204
Underground Corpse Pile

Lighthouse Hut

Brador's Set is a set of attire in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


After reaching the Lighthouse Hut Lamp, Brador will invade in 4 differents spots. At every spot where he dies, he will drop a piece of his set.

  • Lighthouse Hut:
    • Bloodied Arm Bands - In the bridge after reaching the Lighthouse Hut.
    • Beast Hide Garb - In the building that comes after the above mentioned bridge. Go to the ground level and climb the stairs, he will invade behind you.
    • Bloodied Trousers - Within the caves near the Lighthouse Hut, at the bottom, once reaching a dead end with Snail Women without shells, he will invade.

Set Pieces



  • This set has the best Beasthood values in the game for every piece, with the exception of the Beast Hide Garb, which has only 4 less points than the Ashen Hunter Garb.
  • When the player reaches the Lighthouse Hut and find the Underground Inner Cell Chamber Key, they can just go to Brador's Cell, fight him only once, and then after unlocking door, just kill Brador. This will make it so that players are no longer invaded by him, and every piece of his set will be in the exact spot where he would invade.


  • Brador's Set is, in a way, a bloodied, recolored version of the Foreign Set with a Cleric Beast's hide and scalp.
  • It is postulated that the slain Cleric Beast that became part of this set, was none other than a transformed Laurence, albeit, not the one players meets as a boss.
  • The gloves of this set are almost identical to Gascoigne's Gloves, albeit stained with blood.

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