Brain Fluid
Brain Fluid
Max No. Held 3
Max Stored -

Usage Type

QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -

Attribute Bonus
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Attribute Requirement
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -

Brain Fluid is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Greyish amoeba-shaped brain fluid. Wobbles and bounces. Extracted from a patient whose head expanded until that was all that they were.
In the early days of the Healing Church, the Great Ones were linked to the ocean, and so the cerebral patients would imbibe water, and listen for the howl of the sea. Brain fluid writhed inside the head, the initial makings of internal eyes.
Once, a young girl had an older brother who was determined to become a doctor, and so she wilfully became his patient. In the end, this led to their encounter with the Eldritch Truth, for which they considered themselves blessed.
We fail to realize our own latent potential, until the moment it is lost, and we sense its absence. Ironically, this is the very nature of insight, like the moment one licks one's own blood, only to be startled by its sweetness.



  • Dropped by the enlarged head at the highest point of the research hall on the uppermost catwalk in the corner across a crow. (Can be reached early by dropping to another platform close to where you reached the top level and climbing up another ladder)
  • Dropped by the enlarged head on the middle platform that is guarded by a hunter and minigun user in a wheelchair.
  • Dropped by Saint Adeline after she has turned into an enlarged head without a body. She comes back to life after killing her for the fluid.


  • It is reccomended to complete her questline as it yields great rewards, especially for players who favor Arcane.
  • The description of the item above is a combination of the descriptions of all Brain Fluids, by order that they are acquired and shown in the "Location" section of this page. Only the first paragraph is common to all three.


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