Carrion Crow
Crows 2g
Affiliation VS Beasts Button Beasts
Locations Central Yharnam
Cathedral Ward
Old Yharnam
Healing Church Workshop
Hemwick Charnel Lane
Forbidden Woods
Iosefka's Clinic
Upper Cathedral Ward
Nightmare of Mensis|Dog Head
Drops Pebble, Antidote, Beast Blood Pellet
Central Yharnam 70
Cathedral Ward 123
Old Yharnam 121
Healing Church Workshop 127
Hemwick Charnel Lane 152
Forbidden Woods 179
Iosefka's Clinic 179
Upper Cathedral Ward 483
Nightmare of Mensis|Dog Head 547
Blood Echoes
Central Yharnam 29
Cathedral Ward 110
Old Yharnam 64
Healing Church Workshop 85
Hemwick Charnel Lane 199
Forbidden Woods 284
Iosefka's Clinic 284
Upper Cathedral Ward 436
Nightmare of Mensis |Dog Head 831
Physical DEF icon
VS Blunt icon
??? ???
VS Thrust icon
Bolt icon
??? ???
Fire icon
Blood DEF icon
??? ???
Arcane (DEF) icon
Slow Poison RES icon
??? ???
Rapid Poison RES icon

A Carrion Crow is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Carrion Crows are often found near corpses. They become so fat from their meals that they are unable to fly, forcing them to crawl along the ground. They are highly aggressive and are attracted to the scent of blood.

Carrion Crows in the Nightmare of Mensis have the heads of Rabid Dogs, but are otherwise identical in terms of behavior.


Carrion Crows will either attack from the ground using their beaks, or leap into the air and attack with their claws or feet. They are mostly found on the ground, but will sometimes sit high up and wait to attack an enemy from above.

Carrion Crows can be defeated by a few melee attacks. However, they can be deadly when attacking in flocks or when larger enemies are around, as their attacks are able to stagger.


  • Though they are classified as Beasts, they are only "Animal-type" Beasts, and thus, not affected by Serrated damage. Only by Blood Gems that have "ATK vs beasts UP". They are still weak to fire.
  • It is one of the more common enemies in Bloodborne and can be found mostly in high places or hiding in vegetation.
  • They mostly drop Pebbles.


  • There is a friendly Carrion Crow in Hemwick Charnel Lane, in the area with the lift shortcut, back to the lamp. Take the lift up and look to the left, there will be many crows trying to attack you, however, stay far and let them get to you, then kill the ones that tried to peck at you. The friendly crow doesn't move from his location so he will be in the exact place he was before.


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