Hunter (Item)

Caryll Runes are a type of item in Bloodborne. They provide the Hunter with special buffs.


Once the Rune Workshop Tool has been acquired, Caryll Runes can be assigned to four (4) separate slots by accessing the Memory Altar, located at the Workshop in the Hunter's Dream.

Regular Caryll Runes

The first three Caryll Rune slots are labelled Memory Slot 1, Memory Slot 2, and Memory Slot 3. The majority of Caryll Runes can be equipped to these slots.


Oath Memory Caryll Runes

The fourth Caryll Rune slot is labelled Oath Memory, and is associated with certain oaths taken by the Hunter. This slot is designated for special Caryll Runes called Oath Runes. Oath Runes cannot be equipped to the first three Caryll Rune slots.



  • Players must first acquire the Rune Workshop Tool, which is found by reaching the end of Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  • It is entirely possible to beat the game without ever equipping Runes, they are useful, but not necessary. They merely facilitate combat, introduce new mechanics, and unlock certain secrets and items.


  • Caryll Runes are uttered words of Great Ones, which are incomprehensible through human speech. They are metaphorical concepts elevated to a inhuman state, which can only be transcribed to symbols.
  • The most prevalent themes between the runes involve the concept of blood, madness, evolution, beasthood (not the status effect), and bodies of water.

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