Central Yharnam Sewers
Dry Dock Concept art
Status Unmarked
Connected Areas
After Leads To
Central Yharnam Tomb of Oedon
Discovery Insight -
"Hmm... You could try the aqueduct? There's a rather, how shall I put it, colorful area south of the great bridge. From there, an aqueduct leads to the Cathedral Ward."
— Gilbert, regarding the Central Yharnam Sewers.

The Central Yharnam Sewers, or the Central Yharnam Aqueduct, is an unmarked location in Bloodborne.


A contrast to the somewhat-bright streets of Central Yharnam, the Central Yharnam Sewers consist of gloomy tunnels and semi-open areas inhabited primarily by Large Huntsmen and Carrion Crows.

The sewers are a mandatory area, and, as such, the player must travel through them in order to reach the next area: the Tomb of Oedon as well as the first mandatory boss, Father Gascoigne. The sewers can be reached through two primary ways; one entrance is past the Lonely Old Dear's house, while the other is past the two Scourge Beasts on the Great Bridge.







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