Some materials you will need to farm to access every chalice dungeon, share your best farming glyph for that specific material in the designated box - these should all be in a layer 1 if possible, not all are.

Best Farming Glyph Per Material
Item Quanitity Glyph Layer Chalice Where in your Glyph:
Ritual Blood (1)
Ritual Blood (2)
Ritual Blood (3)
Ritual Blood (4)
Ritual Blood (5) 3 wmbrffjr 1 Open the door at the first lantern, two in a large chest directly ahead. Another in a smaller chest down the hall by werewolfs
----------------------------------- ------------ ----------------------- -------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tomb Mold (1)
Tomb Mold (2)
Tomb Mold (3)
Tomb Mold (4)
Tomb Mold (5)
----------------------------------- ------------ ----------------------- --------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Coldblood Flower Bulb
Blooming Coldblood Flower
Bloodshot Eyeball 8 exb8uivs 2 Lower hinter tomb
Living String N/A N/A N/A Obtained from killing the Brain of Mensis in nightmare frontier

or purchasing from a insight vendor at the cost of 10 insight

Red Jelly **Also can be found in the second floor lecture hall in a chest
Pearl Slug
Sage's Wrist 3 exb8uivs 3 Lower hinter tomb
Sage's Hair 6 huqfu4w 3 Sinister Isz
Inflicted Organ
Yellow Backbone 3 Defeat The One Reborn for 3

Purchase from Insight vendor in Dream.

Bastard of Loran 2 and 3

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