Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice

Chalices are a type of item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Offer items to a Holy Chalice and conduct a ritual to unseal a Chalice Dungeon. If you remove the chalice from an altar you have used, you may conduct further rituals at the same altar to unseal new Chalice Dungeons.

General Information

Also known as a "Holy Chalice", chalices are used at a Ritual Altar, in the Hunter's Dream, to create Chalice Dungeons.

They can be removed while keeping the chalice, but the dungeon is lost upon chalice removal, effectively resetting it, meaning and players will have to redo the offerings and progress of said chalice dungeon should they wish to

Chalice Information

Chalice Depth Icon
Depth of the labyrinth unlocked by the chalice ritual. The higher the number, the deeper the dungeon.
Chalice Area Icon
An area in the labyrinth unlocked by the chalice ritual. Features of each area will differ.

Note: The description of Depth is misleading. Depth relates to the difficulty of the dungeon, not the number of Layers.

Chalice Types

Note that the Short Ritual Root Chalice, used to search for online Chalice Dungeons, is considered a key item and can only be used at the Makeshift Altar.

The following is a list of Chalices:

Pthumeru Chalices

Hintertomb Chalices

Loran Chalices

Isz Chalices



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