Charred Hunter Set
Charred Hunter Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 130 Bolt icon 140
VS Blunt icon 200
VS Thrust icon 160 Slow Poison RES icon 61
Blood DEF icon 210 Rapid Poison RES icon 78
Arcane (DEF) icon 120 Frenzy RES icon 96
Fire icon 290 Beasthood icon 121
Old Yharnam

The Charred Hunter Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


  • Old Yharnam
    • From the building where players start getting shot at by Djura, drop down where the ladder that leads to the Carrion Crows and drop immediately to the right. There will be a balcony below that leads to a dark building, the Set is on the top floor on a chair.

Set Pieces



  • This set does not have a headpiece.
  • Has the best Fire defense in the main game.


  • This set appears to be related to two sets in the game:
    • The Old Hunter Set, as it too belongs to the older hunter days, shares high fire defense, and its left hand is covered with brass to protect against the beast blood.
    • The Hunter Set as it feats far too many similarities, namely the variant with the cape, and the longcoat itself appears to have the same style and ornament placement, and seems to have been inspired almost entirely by the Charred Hunter Set.
  • This set appears to be at least a variant of that which is worn by Gehrman during his fight. This is clearly observed by his cape and his metal gauntler on his left hand.
  • It appeared in early promotional videos of Bloodborne when it was still called "Project Beast". It also appears to have been some of the early designs for as the trademark and iconic Attire for Bloodborne, as it appears multiple times as a human reference for landscapes and buildings in the concept art.

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