Church Pick
Church Pick
Underground Corpse Pile, dropped by a Yahar'gul Hunter in one of the underground cells
Off physical atk Button 88/176
Off blood atk Button -
Off arcane atk Button -
Off fire atk Button -
Off bolt atk Button - Attr. Bonus
QS Bullet Use - Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
Durability icon 250 E/D D/B - D/C
Special Att. Attr. Req.
Slow poison ATK Button Rapid poison Button VS Kin Button VS Beasts Button Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
- - 100 100 9 14 - -
Weapon Info
Weapon Type Right Hand Weapons
Transform one-handed sword, two-handed War Pick
Imprints Radial, Radial, Triangle
Aux. Effect 20% Serration

20% Righteous

deals Serration and Righteous damage in both modes

Church Pick is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


In-Game Description

One of the old trick weapons of the Healing Church, a hunting weapon formed from one of the giant picks that appear in old beast tales.
The Church Pick initially serves as a long sword, but when transformed functions as an extended war pick.
In spite of its origins, it is a highly practical weapon.


  • Received upon defeating the Church Pick hunter NPC, dressed in the Yahar'gul Set, that is locked in one of the cells after the Underground Corpse Pile Lamp.


This weapon is indeed a must for any players that focus on Skill. Not only is it the only weapon that deals pure Thrust damage in one of its modes, it actually deals Serrated and Righteous damage in both modes.

This makes it good for killing Kin, Beasts and enemies of the Healing Church. It is the only weapon in the game to do so. In fact, as if that weren't enough, the moveset of both modes is also good. With fast and fluid attacks that easily stagger opponents and a special attack that when two-handed costs less stamina and pokes extremely quickly at foes with less damage but with the potential to break their combos.


  • The Church Pick is a weapon that has a mostly thrust damage moveset, when transformed all attacks deal Thrust damage. It deals 20% Serrated Damage and 20% Righteous Damage in both modes. This makes it the only weapon in the game to be particularly effective at slaying Kin, Beasts and the enemies found in Cainhurst.
  • The R1 attacks when transformed have only light stunning power but they are faster than those of similar extended weapons.
  • Since it has a decent scaling with Arcane, players who focus on it can use its effectiveness against Beasts to infuse it with Fire damage. It can be better than infusing the Saw Cleaver/Saw Spear as the moveset it has in both modes is quite good, albeit slightly slower when one-handed.


  • It is interesting how despite dealing serrated damage, this weapon lacks a serrated blade, one could theorize from the description that it has some sort of connection to "old beast tales" and that that is why beasts are weaker to it. However, it is entirely possible that it could just be a mistake from the developers.
  • The sound when transforming this weapon greatly resembles the Hunter Axe's, it could even be seen as it being the Church variant of it, since it has many similarities in its design, even in its moveset.
  • When transformed it is similar to the Burial Blade in attacks and looks.


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