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Church of the Good Chalice is a location in Bloodborne.


At the very bottom of Old Yharnam, in a valley, lies the Church of the Good Chalice. Perhaps it was time, perhaps it was the flames that were set ablaze to cleanse the city, likely it was both that led to the Church reaching such a terribly decrepit state.

Though its outside and inside are in ruins one can still observe the decorated altar that stands at the end of the church, and despite the its outward appearance, it is still safe and spacious inside. This is likely what the Blood-starved Beast thought of when she decided to take residence within.




  • Alfred, the vileblood hunter can be beckoned to fight the boss.
  • Defeating the boss earns the player the Pthumeru Chalice.


  • A large, extensive area filled with many different enemy types. The boss fought at the end of this area is the Blood-starved Beast.
  • The Church of the Good Chalice has a curious name. The word "Good" being used to describe an object, seems to have a connection with the Healing Church, in fact, the "Good Blood" as mentioned by Alfred comes to mind. The word "Chalice" is likely referencing the Pthumeru Chalice that is acquired after defeating the Blood-starved Beast.


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