Clawmark is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A Caryll rune that transcribes inhuman sounds.
The "Clawmark" is an impulse to seek the warmth of blood like a beast. It strengthens visceral attacks, one of the darker hunter techniques.
Although the difference is subtle, Runesmith Caryll describes the "Beast" as a horrific and unwelcome instinct deep within the hearts of men, while "Clawmark" is an alluring invitation to accept this very nature.


Strengthens visceral attacks.

  • Clawmark (1): +10% visc. ATK - dropped by NPC hunter in Hypogean Gaol after the PaleBlood Moon rises.


  • It can be a great boon for those who rely on visceral attacks and are confident in their parries.
  • Can offer great sinergy with other runes that affect visceral attacks, like the Blood Rapture and Oedon Writhe Runes.


  • This rune seems to depict a scratching on a wall with a diagonal notch as if to mark a death counter.
  • The runesmith Caryll appears to describe the Clawmark rune as being nearly identical to the Beast Rune, with one subtle difference. That difference being that the Clawmark rune is almost an invitation to accept the inner beasthood while the Beast rune is a grim and horrible instinct that lies within.

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