The Constable's Gloves are arms attire in Bloodborne's Old Hunters dlc.

Constable's Gloves
Constable's Gloves
Attire Type
Arms Attire
Physical DEF icon 60 Bolt icon 60
VS Blunt icon 60
VS Thrust icon 50 Slow Poison RES icon 23
Blood DEF icon 50 Rapid Poison RES icon 17
Arcane (DEF) icon 50 Frenzy RES icon 12
Fire icon 60 Beasthood icon 31
The Old Hunters DLC


In-Game Description

Once upon a time, a troupe of foreign constables chased a beast all the way to Yharman, and this is what they wore. The constables became victims of the beast, except for one survivor, who in turn devoured the creature whole, all by himself.
This fable is a favorite among Yharnamites, who are partial to any stories of pompous, intolerant foreigners who suffer for their ignorance. It makes the blood taste that much sweeter.


  • From the Hunter's Nightmare lamp, the player can head right, through a shortcut (once opened,) follow the corridor down, and turn right at the end. Head straight from there and the player should encounter a dead-end. In the corner will be the Constable's Gloves.


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