Cosmic Eye Hunter Badge

The Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Badge of a member of the Choir, elites of the Healing Church.
The eye signifies the very cosmos.
The Choir stumbled upon an epiphany, very suddenly and quite by accident. Here we stand, feet planted in the earth, but might the cosmos be very near us, only just above our heads?


  • Within Upper Cathedral Ward, down the stairs with the giant chandelier, to the right along a dark pathway.


The following items can be purchased from the Bath Messengers:


  • One of least necessary badges. It unlocks very little, and only for a specific kind of player. Poison Knives, however, are still quite useful.


  • The eye resembles the symbol for Insight. Similarly displayed in the Iron Door Key.
  • The gemstone that shapes the pupil of the eye appears to be an Opal.
  • It adds a clapping Messenger with his hands raised up high, on the complete opposite end of the original Messenger of the Bath Messenger. Just like the Messenger added by the Spark Hunter Badge, this one will turn his head to face the player.