Affiliation Neutral
Locations Nightmare Frontier
Drops Thick Coldblood (6) Thick Coldblood (6) x1 [2%],
Thick Coldblood (5) x1 [8%],
Thick Coldblood (4) x1 [10%]
281 ???
Blood Echoes
486 ???
Physical DEF icon
VS Blunt icon
98 113
VS Thrust icon
Bolt icon
15 60
Fire icon
Blood DEF icon
100 75
Arcane (DEF) icon
Slow Poison RES icon
100 999
Rapid Poison RES icon

The Crawler is an enemy in Bloodborne.


The Crawler is an enemy with a slick looking body and large spines along its back. It is exclusively found in the poisonous pools of the Nightmare Frontier.

The larger versions attack the player rearing up and releasing poisonous fumes that inflict Rapid Poison, while the smaller ones (possibly the juvenile form) spew a yellow mucus that also inflicts rapid poison.

They are an otherwordly species that sports a mollusk-like body, two features heavily reminescent of the Phantasms. Ailing from a higher plane of existence, their flesh shares some similarieties with that of the Kin (expecially the gray blood and the weakness to Bolt damage) but they are indeed a breed of primitive predators and not ascended human beings: their back is lined with spiracles and they move contracting bodies crowned with tentacles and sensory appendages, all biological adaptation tipical of an organism that lives in a swampy environment. They use their tails and poisonous secretions to defend themselves but this is not how they actually feed: when a large Crawler rears up it is shows a gaping reddish underbelly similar to an open stomach, coverd by squirming Messengers that look charred by some strong acid. It is well possible that these creatures, like flatworms, use their abdomen both to entrap and digest their pray and the Messengers are truly a form of denizen of the Dream abundant and weak enough to be preyed upon.



Crawlers are very slow and vulnerable to thrusting attacks, but if the player get too close to them, they suddenly spring into action, flailing their tentacles madly and spewing poisonous fumes. They aren't particularly dangerous when alone, but coupled with the thick poisonous pools they are found in and the Giant Lost Child enemies around them it can be hard to avoid their attacks. Lure them onto dry land if possible to avoid the poison damage from the pools.


  • Despite their alien appearance and the fact they are weak to Bolt and very weak to Thrust damage, the Crawlers are not Kin.
  • One of the very few enemies that induce Rapid Poison.


  • The larger ones appear to have dead Messengers in its body. An aspect which is interesting as dead Messengers are also part of two other beings in-game: the Winter Lantern and the Brain of Mensis.
    • It would seem that the connection between these enemies is the fact that they are only present in Nightmare realms.


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