• Must access Old Yharnam from the back, without having entered it prior or opened the entrance from the normal route.

The quickest way to do this is to be killed by a Kidnapper and taken to the Hypogean Gaol -- from here, the player can reach Darkbeast Paarl's bossfight, and enter Old Yharnam from here.

Befriending Djura

While most new players will just outright get to Djura and kill him so that they are no longer shot at with the chaingun, it is possible to befriend him, but only through a very contrived and time consuming method.

Players must do the following:

He will then ask the Hunter to "Spare the Beasts of Old Yharnam." For agreeing to do so, Djura will reward the player with the Powder Keg Hunter Badge and the "Brush off Dust" gesture. Not agreeing to do so will initiate a fight. If "Spare the Beasts of Old Yharnam" is chosen, attacking any beasts in his field of view will initiate the Gatling-gun once again.

It is recommended though, to eventually slay him in combat as it is the only way to acquire his attire, the Ashen Hunter Set, easily one of the best sets in game.

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