Enlarged Head
Enlarged Head
Attire Type
Head Attire
Physical DEF icon 20 Bolt icon 20
VS Blunt icon 60
VS Thrust icon 0 Slow Poison RES icon 6
Blood DEF icon 20 Rapid Poison RES icon 6
Arcane (DEF) icon 50 Frenzy RES icon 1
Fire icon 20 Beasthood icon 0
Research Hall

The Enlarged Head is a head attire in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


In-Game Description

An enlarged head of a patient of the Cathedral, with a cavity that just happens to fit a human head, although one would be mad to try it on.
But if you do, listen carefully, for the sticky sound. Drip, drop. As water, seeping up from the depths, slowly, steadily.


  • Research Hall
    • It is found on the fifth flour, on the same level as the Wheelchair Huntsman with a Gatling Gun. Run around the left side and follow the path to the other side of the room. There is a doorway leading into a pitch black room with an item on the floor. The Enlarged Head is in the far left corner, obscured by medical equipment.
      • To get to this level, use the second shortcut elevator. If it isn't unlocked, run past the gatling mob, and down the stairs on the right side to get onto his level. There is a closed door. It leads to the second elevator.


The Enlarged Head has good resistance to Blunt and decent resistance to arcane, but in all other areas it is lacking. It has sub par physical, blood, fire, and bolt resistance, negligible poison and frenzy resistance, and absolutely no thrust resistance or beasthood.

It could be useful for the Living Failures fight which is close by, but it is a fashion statement more than combat gear. Think carefully before putting this one on.


  • This is the head of the wandering Clocktower Patients throughout the Research Hall, including Saint Adeline.
  • Several mobs resembling the Enlarged Head can be found in the same room where the item is. Several headless patients can be found wandering outside the room. It can be assumed the mobs in the room are the heads of the headless patients outside.
  • It appears to be a reference to Dark Souls' Artorias of the Abyss dlc, as it resembles the "Bloated Head" that is a decapitated head used as headgear from people who lost their mind.

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