The Executioners are a covenant in Bloodborne.


The Executioners are a group of Hunters with heavy connections to The Healing Church, and were once run by Martyr Logarius, who is now technically deceased. Executioners are the sworn enemies of Cainhurst Vilebloods, and seek only to destroy them to increase their devotion to the cause to achieve the Rank of Martyr.



The Executioners loathe the Vilebloods so entirely, that an attempt to Co-operate via the Small Resonant Bell will result in an invasion occuring involuntarily, such is the duty of both Executioners and Vilebloods.

To become an Executioner, complete Alfred's questline, return to the altar where you first met him, and acquire and equip the Rune of Oath  Radiance, which can be found on his body.

It is implied that Executioners were the inspiration for the Healing Church Garb.




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