The Fishing Hamlet is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters dlc. 
Fishing Hamlet (Lamp)


The Fishing Hamlet is the top layer of the Hunter's Nightmare, invisible from the ground below. The Hamlet is acessed only through the Astral Clocktower.

It is composed of a wide market plaza surrounding a large well; a communal area filled with habitation huts, overlooked by a large Lighthouse; a large cave system where the actual fishing occurred; and a beach on the coast.

There are many mysteries surrounding this bizarre land, but it is known that this fishing village is where a Great One washed ashore on one of its beaches. That Great One was Kos, and it carried within its body, two things, parasites, and a fetus.

Throughout this village, players can observe the degree of decay the sea has had on the village. For instance, corals sprout from everywhere, the water has overflown the village in many places, and either Kos, or the parasites, that were carried by the beached Great One (perhaps even both), have had an effect on the villagers that resided in the Hamlet, having transformed into beings that resemble hybrids of humanoids and fish or molluscs.

However, there is an interesting thing to observe in these villagers, they appear to pray to Kos, and they also seem to be harvesting the parasites as appear to use them as fuel. Evidence for this observation can be seen in that they have plenty of large, explosive oil urns laying around, they use firebombs to attack the player, and the candles appear to be burning with the parasites themselves.

Though Central Yharnam is the name of a lamp, it is also the name of the surrounding area.

Oddly enough, it is possible to see Yharnam in the depths fishing hamlet water.

Lamps in the Area





NPC Hunters



There are no summons




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