Fishing Hamlet Priest
Fishing Hamlet Priest
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Fishmen
Affiliation Fishmen
Health Infinite
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Fishing Hamlet
Voiced By  
"Atonement for the wretches...By the wrath of Mother Kos..."
— Fishing Hamlet Priest

The Fishing Hamlet Priest is an NPC in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The Fishing Hamlet Priest is a non-hostile Fishman Mage who wanders the area near the beginning of the Fishing Hamlet. He is taller than the player and appears to be missing his staff.

He will constantly mumble a prayer that references the tragic and brutal events that transpired in his village, all with a frustrated and exhausted tone.



When the carcass of Kos washed ashore, the residents of Fishing Hamlet were turned into fish-hybrids. The priest was one of those who turned at that time. The transformation lined eyes into their brains and they started worshipping the beached Great One as their deity ever since.

But alas, that event caught the attention of the scholars of Byrgenwerth.

The priest is one of a few survivors of a hunter raid organized by the scholars of Byrgenwerth long before they discovered the labyrinth beneath Yharnam.

The priest is now trapped inside the Hunter's Nightmare, wandering and muttering a baneful chant to "Mother Kos" for the doom of the hunters who commited the genocide.

When The Hunter talks to him with the Milkweed rune equipped, the priest sees the Hunter as a Kin of the cosmos and gifts the Hunter the Accursed Brew.



  • It is seemingly impossible to kill this NPC as he has no way to lose health. Even throwing him down the chasm on the sides of the path that leads to the Fishing Hamlet lamp will still result in him surviving the fall and walk in the floors of said chasm.
  • Gives Accursed Brew if spoken to twice with the Milkweed rune equipped.


  • The priest does not acknowledge the presence of The Hunter, possibly because The Hunter is not imprisoned here like the blood-drunk hunters.
  • The priest looks much like a Fishman Mage minus the staff.


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