Fluorescent Flower
Bloodborne™ 20150514001852 - 1
Affiliation Neutral
Locations Byrgenwerth, Chalice Dungeons
Drops Arcane Haze
 ?  ?
Blood Echoes
 ?  ?
Physical DEF icon - Bolt icon -
VS Blunt icon - Fire icon -
VS Thrust icon - Slow Poison RES icon -
Blood DEF icon - Rapid Poison RES icon -
Arcane (DEF) icon -

A Fluorescent Flower is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Fluorescent Flowers are large centipede-like predators, armed with numerous chitinous limbs and an enormous vertical maw filled with teeth. Its head has multiple bioluminescent tendrils and on the top sports a fluorescent flower-like nodule like that of an anglerfish.

Its body is filled not with red blood but with a gray fluid like the Crawlers, hinting that this creature hails from another dimension. Also, some of them don't disappear when they die, but implode into a small dimensional vortex.

In the Chalice Dungeons, this enemy can be hit on the top of its head to deal massive amounts of damage. They will also drop Arcane Haze from their flower-like top of its body.


  • Byrgenwerth, near the lake outside the building.
  • Pthumerian Chalice Dungeons, always in large open gardens.


Fluorescent Flowers attack with its head and body when in melee range. From a distance, it will cast Arcane fireballs which explode when in contact with surfaces. It can also spit a poisonous substance from its mouth, which is located on the main body.

They will sometimes hide beneath the ground to surprise the player. They can still be spotted as their flowers will always stay above ground.


Its body is extremely resistant to almost all sorts of damage, and its melee attacks are quite dangerous themselves. But, since it has trouble hitting players that are directly to its side and will constantly spam its spit attack and miss almost always due to the position of the player, players should keep themselves positioned at their side always, while also attacking as much as possible.

The best course of action, however, is to either shoot them in their flower by locking-on to it from a safe distance. This can achieved with any Firearm that fires a single projectile, or with Trick Weapons that also fire a single projectile, and can even be hit with the Blacksky Eye or Throwing Knife.

The flower is so sensitive to damage that any hit will deal tremendous damage, in fact damage done it is multiplied exponentially. However, should players have a poorly upgraded firearm, they should use the Bone Marrow Ash to improve the damage.



  • They appear to have a rather "vaginal" appearance, with its vertical mouth which releases fluids.


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