Frenzied Coldblood (9)
Max No. Held 99
Max Stored 99

Usage Type

QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -

Attribute Bonus
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Attribute Requirement
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Cainhurst Castle corpse (outside).
Notes Gain 5000 Blood Echoes.

Frenzied Coldblood (9) is a consumable item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A rich droplet of coldblood containing Blood Echoes
Use to gain frenzied Blood Echoes
This manifestation of madness comes from a mind teetering on the very brink, but has a sane mind ever produced anything of true significance?




  • People who were killed by Frenzy will often form this blood in their dead bodies. The corpses in the Nightmare of Mensis are covered in blood pikes that grew from the inside as a result of confronting the Brain of Mensis and dying from its gaze.

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