Gascoigne's Set
Gascoigne's Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 220 Bolt icon 250
VS Blunt icon 270
VS Thrust icon 250 Slow Poison RES icon 134
Blood DEF icon 220 Rapid Poison RES icon 128
Arcane (DEF) icon 280 Frenzy RES icon 56
Fire icon 250 Beasthood icon 110
Bath Messenger

(must kill Father Gascoigne)

Gascoigne's Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


Set Pieces


  • Moderately high Physical Defenses
  • Moderately low Blood Defense
  • Moderately high Elemental Defenses
  • High Slow Poison Resistance
  • Decently high Rapid Poison Resistance
  • Mediocre Frenzy Resistance
  • Decently high Beasthood


  • Overall a very balanced and useful attire set for beggining players, can offer a great advantage during the fight with the Blood-starved Beast since it has high Slow Poison Res.


  • Resembles a much longer and "leathery" (male) Black Church Set.
  • It would seem from the description that Gascoigne eventually parted ways from the Healing Church.
  • The garb has a pendant depicting a "Censer", the Choir Set has it as well. Perhaps it is a good luck charm, as the censer is tied to incense, which is known to drive away the beasts. However, it could also be a symbol of "Oedon", as the Oedon Chapel is notorious for its incense and censers.
  • The Holy Shawl around the set's neck is tattered at the end, unlike any other Healing Church set.

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