Gehrman's Hunter Set
Gehrman's Hunter Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 190 Bolt icon 150
VS Blunt icon 170
VS Thrust icon 170 Slow Poison RES icon 63
Blood DEF icon 210 Rapid Poison RES icon 70
Arcane (DEF) icon 130 Frenzy RES icon 98
Fire icon 170 Beasthood icon 88
Bath Messenger

(requires Old Hunter Badge/must kill Gehrman, the First Hunter)

Gehrman's Hunter Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


Set Pieces


  • Moderately low Physical Defenses
  • Moderate Blood Defense
  • Mediocre Elemental Defenses
  • Decent Slow/Rapid Poison Resistance
  • High Frenzy Resistance
  • Decently high Beasthood


  • This set does not have an arm piece.
  • This isn't the set worn by Gehrman during his fight, it's the one he wears while in his wheelchair.


  • It is aparently completely normal clothing with mere adjustments for combat, which went on to inspire the garbs of hunters.
    • It is completely torn and withered from sheer use. A testimony to Gehrman's dedication and experience.
  • To some, it was unknown whether this set became available for purchase due to receiving the Old Hunter Badge or killing Gehrman. The answer is simple. Only Badges unlock Attires at the Bath Messenger, whereas defeating bosses unlocks their Attires on the Insight Bath Messenger.

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