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Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Beasts
Level N/A
Status Player Determined
Location Central Yharnam
Voiced By Daniel Fine
"Paleblood, you say? Hmm... Never heard of it. "
— Gilbert

Gilbert is a character in Bloodborne.


Gilbert can be found inside a house near the Central Yharnam lamp, where the Hunter can speak to him through a window, whereby he provides warnings of the dangers of the city, as well as some sense of direction.

He is critically ill, and journeyed to Yharnam in the hopes of finding a cure for his disease, alas, he knows that the scourge is affecting him and grows increasingly sick and desperate as times passes. He is one of the few outsiders in Bloodborne.



After reaching the Cathedral Ward, return to Gilbert and speak to him to receive the Flamesprayer.

After killing Rom, and triggering the Blood Moon event, returning to Gilbert's house will reveal the window has been smashed open, and a Beast Patient (male) can be found wandering the area just outside. This Beast is heavily implied to be Gilbert, and can be killed for the weakest form of the Clawmark Caryll Rune.



  • Gilbert's name in the ending credits is "Critically Ill Man."

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