Great One's Wisdom
Great Ones Wisdom
Max No. Held 99
Max Stored 99

Usage Type

QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -

Attribute Bonus
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Attribute Requirement
Strength icon 2 - Skill icon 2 - Bloodtinge icon 2 - Arcane icon 2 -
Random corpses.

Great One's Wisdom is a consumable item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Fragments of the lost wisdom of the Great Ones, beings that might be described as gods.
Use to gain Insight.
At Byrgenwerth, Master Willem had an epiphany: "We are thinking on the basest of planes. What we need, are more eyes."


  • Loot from corpses around the game and Chalice Dungeons (very rare to actually find).
  • No being in the game drops this item, as such it cannot be farmed.



  • It is good to hoard as many of these skulls as one can to then invest in the more expensive items sold at the Insight Bath Messenger.
  • There is a weaker, more common version of this item called Madman's Knowledge.


  • The sprites that manifests themselves from the skull, resembles slugs or invertabrate beings, similar to the Pearl Slugs or Augur of Ebrietas.
  • Though it is unclear how the Hunter acquires insight from this item, it seems that if a person who dies after being "touched by the wisdom of a Great One", or "making contact with Eldritch wisdom", has its effect remain in his/her skull, even after death. And upon smashing it with the hands, the Hunter is catching a glimpse of the Cosmos itself, thus gaining Insight.

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