Great Snake Ball
Affiliation Neutral
Locations Forbidden Woods
Drops Murky Blood Gemstone
Blood Stone Shard
Blood Echoes
Physical DEF icon - Bolt icon -
VS Blunt icon - Fire icon -
VS Thrust icon - Slow Poison RES icon -
Blood DEF icon - Rapid Poison RES icon -
Arcane (DEF) icon -

A Great Snake Ball is an enemy in Bloodborne. The Great Snake Ball is a much larger version of the usual, much smaller Snake Ball. It has multiple forms of attacks, one of which is a projectile liquid substance that poisons the player. They also posses similar attacks to the regular Snake Ball, such as a flurry of attacks that can stun-lock the player. Most of these attacks have a long reach so watch out! These enemies can be located in the Forbidden Woods. These are usually not alone, they may be accompanied by smaller Snake Balls or another Great snake ball. Its Attacks inflict poison but it can be staggered by a high damaging weapon such as Ludwig's Holy Blade.


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