Guidance is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A Caryll rune discovered by the old hunter Ludwig along with the Holy Moonlight Sword.
Boosts amount of life recovered by rallying.
When Ludwig closed his eyes, he saw darkness, or perhaps nothingness, and that is where he discovered the tiny beings of light.
Ludwig was certain that these playful dancing sprites offered "guidance". They could empty Ludwig of his fears at least in the midst of a hunt.


Guidance "rune", boosts rally potential.

  • Guidance (1): 10%- dropped by a Carrion Crow atop the rafter of the Research Hall.
  • Guidance (2): 20%- dropped by Ludwig.
  • Guidance (3): 30%- found in the Chalice Dungeons.



  • This is the only rune being mentioned to be discovered by someone that is specifically not Caryll.

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