The Healing Church Workshop is a unmarked location in Bloodborne.


The entrance to the workshop is a door to the right just past the Cathedral Ward Lamp.


The Healing Church Workshop is a tall tower, filled with enemies and chests. The Radiant Sword Hunter Badge can be found here, as well as various other loot.


The Healing Church Workshop is one of a few workshops still in active in Yharnam today.

The Hunter Workshop was the first workshop to provide hunters with trick weapons to combat beast. It was run by Gehrman, the First Hunter.

When Gehrman disappeared, the Healing Church founded their own workshop to face the beast threat, which was growing more and more inhuman as time passed by.

Ludwig - the first official hunter of The Healing Church decided to arm the mobs and provide hunters with a line of trick weapon. It exhibits several departures from the former workshop's design, suggesting that the Church anticipated much larger inhuman beasts.

And thanks to the guide of Ludwig himself, the new generation of hunters, also known as Holy Blades are considered heroes in an age of honor and chivalry.

Over time, many crafty hunters started to make their own arsenals to combat beasts. And some of these said hunters banded together to form the Oto workshop, precursor to the workshop of the heretical Powder Kegs.


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  • Unlike most locations in the game, there is no lamp associated with this area.



Bloodborne First Blood - Healing Church Workshop08:20

Bloodborne First Blood - Healing Church Workshop

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