Henryk's Hunter Set
Henryk's Hunter Set
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Henryk's Hunter Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


Set Pieces



  • This set has the highest value of Bolt Defense, with only the headpiece having slightly less Bolt Defense than the Gold Ardeo.


  • This set is likely a reference to the Xanthous Set, worn by Jeremiah, Xanthous King from Dark Souls (who himself was a reference to the Old Monk from Demon Souls).
    • There are three major similarities shared between both sets, the first, and most obvious, is their brightly yellow color; the second, is the ridiculous size of their headpieces in the game; and lastly, their long, dark brown shawl that is wrapped around the shoulder.
  • The Throwing Knife description mentions that they are a favorite of Henryk's, this holds true as his garb has a loose sheathe for a throwing knife.
    • When using a Throwing Knife with Henryk's Hunter Garb, one can clearly see that the sheathe is positioned perfectly so that when players begin the animation for the throw, their hands are right on it.
  • Henryk's Hunter Set bears a close resemblance to the Yharnam Hunter Set. In fact, it seems like it inspired that Set entirely, as it was worn by a veritable old hunter. There are two big factors for this hypothesis. The Yharnam Hunter Cap being a mirror copy Henryk's Hunter Cap, but lacking the very large feathers, and the overall wear of the cap. And, the fact that the Yharnam Hunter Garb, has the same design, the same chest harnesses and even the exact positioning of the throwing knife sheathe and rope on the utility belt, in Henryk's Hunter Garb.
    • In this regard it is can be postulated that Henryk inspired the Yharnamites to become hunters, just as Djura inspired the future generation of newer Hunters of the Workshop.

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