Hunter Blunderbuss
Hunter Blunderbuss
Sold by the Messengers for 1,700 Blood Echoes after obtaining the Saw Hunter Badge.
Off physical atk Button -
Off blood atk Button 20/45
Off arcane atk Button -
Off fire atk Button -
Off bolt atk Button - Attr. Bonus
QS Bullet Use 1 Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
Durability icon 150 - - D/A -
Special Att. Attr. Req.
Slow poison ATK Button Rapid poison Button VS Kin Button VS Beasts Button Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
0 0 100 100 7 9 5 -
Weapon Info
Weapon Type Firearms
Imprints Circle

The Hunter Blunderbuss is a Left Hand Weapon in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A blunderbuss created at the workshop for the hunters' line of work.
Hunter firearms are specially crafted to employ Quicksilver Bullets fused with the wielder's own blood, boosting damage against beasts.
The impact of this highly effective weapon counters beasts' swift movements, and its wide spread is nigh-on guaranteed to hit the mark.



The Hunter Blunderbuss uses 1 Quicksilver Bullet per shot. However, it applies the shot into a shotgun-like spray. The wide spread of this weapon can stagger multiple enemies at one time, as well as knock enemies back.

The damage per shot is generally less than the Pistol, as many of the shots are likely to miss, although at higher upgrade levels the blunderbuss can do more damage.

It has slower fire rate than the Pistol.


  • It has the fastest recovery amongst rifles.


  • The Hunter Blunderbuss and the Saw Cleaver are the flagship weapons of Bloodborne, being wielded by the Hunter in several screenshots, promotional art and on the game's box art.
  • A blunderbuss is a black powder weapon that is known as the precursor to the modern shotgun.