The Hunter Chief Emblem is a Key Item in Bloodborne.

In-Game Description

A cloth emblem that belonged to the captain of the Church hunters long ago. Opens the main gate that leads to the round plaza of the Great Cathedral.
The main gate is shut tight on nights of the hunt, and could only be opened from the other side with this emblem. In other words, the captain's return, and this emblem, determined the end of the hunt.


The Hunter Chief Emblem can be purchased from the Bath Messengers for 10000 Blood Echoes, after defeating the Cleric Beast.


Unlocks the gate in the Cathedral Ward, which leads to the Grand Cathedral.


  • With 50 or more Insight, Messengers can be seen crowding around the lever that opens the gate, they are the ones who pull the lever when shown the emblem.
  • Interestingly the Emblem greatly resembles a "Talisman" from "Dark Souls". The ones it resembles most are either the "Darkmoon" or "Ivory Talisman". This makes sense as these items are related to faith and miracles and Ludwig was a high ranking member of the Church, the Darkmoon Talisman does have stronger connection since it implies an adoration of the moon, something that Ludwig, with his Holy Moonlight Sword appeared to have.

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