Hunter Pistol
Hunter Pistol
Starting Weapon,
Sold by Messengers for 1600 Blood Echoes after obtaining the Saw Hunter Badge.
Off physical atk Button -
Off blood atk Button 70/160
Off arcane atk Button -
Off fire atk Button -
Off bolt atk Button - Attr. Bonus
QS Bullet Use 1 Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
Durability icon 100 - - D/A -
Special Att. Attr. Req.
Slow poison ATK Button Rapid poison Button VS Kin Button VS Beasts Button Strength icon 2 Skill icon 2 Bloodtinge icon 2 Arcane icon 2
0 0 100 100 7 9 5 -
Weapon Info
Weapon Type Firearms
Imprints Circle

The Hunter Pistol is a Left Hand Weapon in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Pistol made at the workshop, for hunters stalking beasts.
Hunter firearms are specially crafted to employ Quicksilver Bullets fused with the wielder's own blood, boosting damage against beasts.
The pistol is a quicker draw than the blunderbuss, allowing for speedier responses to attacks.



This weapon fires Quicksilver Bullets and is used as tool for parrying and finishing off enemies with low health, its rapid fire makes it more suitable for intercepting fast enemies than shotguns.

The Hunter Pistol is a versatile firearm commonly used by hunters. Although the Hunter Pistol doesn't quite have the firepower or stagger potential of the Hunter Blunderbuss (depends on range), it compensates this problem by having a higher fire rate and longer range.

When compared with other pistol-sized firearms, it has the following characteristics:

  • consumes only one bullet, like the Evelyn, yet unlike the Repeating Pistol (but that pistol fires two shots so it deals more damage);
  • same range, firing speed and damage consumption as the Evelyn;
  • better than the Evelyn at low levels of Bloodtinge, after level 21 in that stat, the Evelyn becomes a straight upgrade in terms of damage.


  • The most balanced firearm.


  • The Hunter Pistol is the firearm of choice of most hunter NPCs, this most famously includes Eileen the Crow, Father Gascoigne, Henryk, yet various others.
  • Gascoigne's variant fires like a blunderbuss and has a reload animation, it opens in half to allow the loading of bullets.
  • In early footage, courtesy of IGN, ranged weapons (left hand) show as doing blood damage instead of physical damage like melee weapons. Like their melee counter parts they also have durability. In the IGN footage the Hunter Pistol showed a blood damage of 75 and a durability of 180.



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