Hunter Set

Hunter Set (caped)

Hunter Set (capeless)

Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF icon 270/250 Bolt icon 200/210
VS Blunt icon 270/280
VS Thrust icon 220/220 Slow Poison RES icon 41/50
Blood DEF icon 270/240 Rapid Poison RES icon 80/82
Arcane (DEF) icon 150/150 Frenzy RES icon 119/123
Fire icon 280/260 Beasthood icon 112/118
Central Yharnam caped

Cathedral Ward capeless

The Hunter Set is a set of Attire in Bloodborne.


Two complete, yet different, Hunter Sets can be found in-game:

  • Central Yharnam
    • The caped version with the "withered feathered cap" and cape is found within the sewers in Yharnam. One must reach the path leads to the Cleric Beast and go in the opposite direction, towards the two Scourge Beasts. Off into the right there will be a path with a hidden makeshift passage that leads downwards into the sewers blocked by destructable crates. It is located at the end of it, near a Large Huntsman, hidden to the left.
  • Cathedral Ward
    • The capeless version with the top hat is found after exiting the Oedon Chapel from the left. It is hidden slightly off to the right.

Set Pieces


  • Moderate overall Physical Defenses.
  • Moderate Arcane Defense
  • Moderately high Fire and Blood Defenses
  • Mediocre Slow Poison and Rapid Poison Resistances
  • Surprisingly decent Beasthood and Frenzy Resistance
  • Hilariously enough, the Top Hat has the best Blunt Resistance in-game
  • The capeless version is superior as it has a much better Frenzy Resistance and Beasthood, almost one of the best values for each in the game. The only downside is a measley 10 points less in Blunt defense.


  • One of the best sets in the game, has good all-around defenses, bad poison resistances, with great Frenzy Resistance and Beasthood for a starting set.
  • Has only slightly less Frenzy Resistance than the Ashen Hunter Set.


  • The trademark attire of Bloodborne is the Hunter Set with the capeless version and the withered feathered cap.
  • The Hunter Hat was based on Djura's Gray Wolf Cap.
  • The Top Hat is favored by Gehrman when he fights.

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