Bloodborne™ 20150506233308 (2)
Locations Central Yharnam,
Cathedral Ward,
Forbidden Woods,
Hypogean Gaol,
Yahar'gul, Unseen Village,
Hunter's Nightmare,
Healing Church Workshop
Drops Blood Vial,
Quicksilver Bullets
150 ???
Blood Echoes
48 ???
Physical DEF icon
VS Blunt icon
70 70
VS Thrust icon
Bolt icon
70 75
Fire icon
Blood DEF icon
65 70
Arcane (DEF) icon
Slow Poison RES icon
67 120
Rapid Poison RES icon

The Huntsman is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Huntsmen are inhabitants of Yharnam who have been infected by the plague, though they are in the early stages of the infection. They show signs of their inevitable transformation into beasts, such as an imposing height, cataracts afflicted eyes, and hair that covers their entire face.

Huntsmen use a variety of weapons such as pitchforks, axes, firearms, torches, and shields. Huntsmen have a high intelligence and communicate with one another, crying out for help when attacked by the Hunter and alerting nearby enemies. They will also attempt to ambush the Hunter by playing dead or lurking in the shadows. They can be seen alone or in large groups with hounds.

When night falls, Yharnamites form hunting parties in order to hunt beasts and outsiders alike. They attack human outsiders because the plague has made them mentally unstable, and thus, they are unable to tell the difference between man and beast.


Huntsmen will often attack in groups and can patrol certain routes around the area. They can be pulled individually from a distance using gunshot or a pebble. Molotov Cocktails are effective, especially against a large number of these enemies.

Below are the following variants of Huntsmen.

  • Unarmed - These Huntsmen are only found in Hypogean Gaol, before the Blood Moon rises. They have no armor and appear to have been kidnapped like the player.
  • Axe - Will drag the axe across the ground as they walk towards the player, before making a slow, overhead swing. The attack is easily interrupted. However, they can also perform a faster swing, which can surprise the unwary.
  • Pitch-fork - Can perform a running stab at range. Can also raise the Pitchfork above their heads, before bringing it down like a hammer, in a slow but damaging smash. Will also hold the fork horizontally across their chest, before making several rapid pushing motions, that deal low damage. They can also simply thrust at their enemies.
  • Sabre - Wields a curved sword, and can perform both one handed slashes and two handed thrusts.
  • Cleaver/Sickle - Makes quick, sudden slashes with their weapon, and stabs with the blunt edge of the cleaver. Will also launch into a vicious flurry of slashes and stabs, that can take off large sections of the health bar. When they use their flurry, it is best to simply back away and wait for it to end before countering.
  • Shield - Wields a flimsy wooden shield. Initially they can absorb almost all damage that is done to them when they have their shields up. However, multiple attacks can easily break their guard, making them vulnerable for attack. Firearms can do the same. They can swing their shields and use a charge attack that covers ground quickly.
  • Rifle - Fires long range shots at the hunter from afar. Best dealt with quickly, or they can drain health over time, and distract from other, closer threats.
  • Oil Urn - Only found in the Forbidden Woods. These Huntsmen act similar to the Delayed Molotov version, except they will throw oil urns at the player, making you vulnerable to torch attacks from other huntsmen.
  • Torch - The cleaver, axe, and shield can all be duel wielded with a flaming torch. The huntsmen will swing their torch twice in quick succession, which offsets their slow, right-handed attacks.
  • Delayed Molotov - Only appearing in the DLC. They will hurl molotov cocktails at the player, which explode after a short delay.
  • Armored - These Huntsmen only appear patrolling the streets below the Healing Church Workshop. They appear to be wearing an apron-less version of the Butcher Set and are accompanied by Rabid Dogs.




  • They are one of the most common enemies in the game and are usually found in groups.
  • They are occasionally accompanied by Rabid Dogs.


  • These hunting parties were once deployed by Ludwig to hunt the beast in Yharnam.


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